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Author Topic: Cattle breeding-help!  (Read 499 times)


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Cattle breeding-help!
« on: February 13, 2020, 06:16:15 pm »
So, I've recently delved into the world of dexters having bought 2 cows, and 5 more cattle arriving on the 27th of this month (how exciting!).

The ones we're buying are registered already, and I'm just in the process of registering my 2 girls, I've got my prefix which is very exciting- i've done some digging and been looking at their pedigrees and seen something which is slightly concerning to me, on the system (which could be wrong!) one of our cows' dad is also showing up as her mums' dad.
Now I know in the world of some pedigrees they do breed back a few generations down but is that not too close, making her completely inbred?
It may be fine but it doesn't sit well with me, I see it as bad on the breeders' part and it isn't something I'd have knowingly bought! >:(


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Re: Cattle breeding-help!
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2020, 06:33:56 pm »
It's a bit close, yes, but it happens.  So long as the sire was an exceptional animal, it may not be such an issue.  You perhaps want to select bulls with none of the names from that line ;).

Personally I prefer to see a repeat in one line than the same name on different sides of the pedigree, but I think we probably all have our own opinions about this!  And in general, my feeling is that dad-to-daughter is either accidental and/or indicative of a very small breeder, whereas grandpa-to-granddaughter is more likely to be intentional line breeding (as it used to be defined), to reinforce the characteristics of an excellent individual.

If you are looking to produce meat it's not a problem, I would say, but of course if you are planning on selling breeding stock it could be more of an issue for you, if others dislike it as much as you do.

And yes, I think the breeder should have disclosed this to you before the sale, especially if you are planning to produce breeding stock and told them so.
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