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Foxes, Bees and other avenues
« on: January 23, 2020, 10:01:34 pm »
Having had chickens for years foxes were an ever present issue, in the end I joined a shooting club and upon gaining an FAC bought a suitable gun(s) to control the situation. With such a large animal a normal air rifle or even an FAC rated one would not be sufficient to despatch humanely, something along the lines of a centerfire .222/.223 with moderator. Not something which can be bought without an FAC and also the moderator has to be permitted on the licence as well. So not a quick fix.

As for rabbits, a .223 CF would be a bit much so .22 rimfire would allow clean kills at suitable distances; much further than an air rifle, although an FAC rated air rifle would suffice.

Rats, a good air rifle and scopes will deal with them. Pigeons etc then 12 bore.
So all told, apart from a .177/.22 air rifle at less than 12ft/lbs you need an FAC. Which these days takes ages. In the end I gave up chickens and did beekeeping/running courses etc. But still keep shooting both at the club and the occasional request for help.

However, recently moving into South Lincs there isn't the crop choice as in Bedfordshire with OSR, Bean and Borage so maybe the time has come to hang up the smoker and suit and pursue other avenues.
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