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Author Topic: Doesn't really matter BUT nice to know where new members are from at 1st post !  (Read 402 times)


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Is it just me that thinks that location would be good etiquette when making 1st post ?
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Oh, it would be *such* a help!!

So often, someone - and this can be at any stage of membership - posts asking for input, without reiterating where they are - and that’s usually very relevant or even crucial information.  So first one brings up their member profile, but often people don’t put the location info there either, so then one brings up the posting history and starts at the beginning, looking for clues... (Or might try looking to see if they’ve posted a topic in Marketplace first, as there’s always a location there.). If all intro posts said “Hi from xxxx”, it could save a lot of trawling, and also mean they get better targeted input!
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  • Kernow - some say it's in England !
You're right SiN; would apply at any stage of membership if posting member has not already offered rough (say County) location details on the forum. 

Of course, some members might not wish to offer their location details for various reason:  I can't/wouldn't argue with that, but there are so many posts that really could do with a reference to the poster's location (roughly).
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I like to look back as well, would be nice to know who is local and can give 'local advice when practical.


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 :wave: I am nicola , I live in Hertfordshire and am looking for a small holding in west wales or there abouts.
I want about 20 acres and some buildings to convert for holiday cottages for an income .
We plan on growing vegetables my big interest is heirloom tomatoes, unusual veg and perennial veg.
We also plan on starting with chickens and pigs and down the road some distance we may expand into goats or Dexter cattle.


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  • Kernow - some say it's in England !
Thanks Nicola


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