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Author Topic: Water: from the spring to the house - advice based on experience, please.  (Read 106 times)


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Hi, we live on a hill farm in Lancashire and at present, and for the last 100 years, the water supply has been provided by a spring way up above the farm, then water is gravity fed to the taps in the house.  Once a year the water is tested by the local authorities plus any drinking water is put through a small commercial filter unit which sits on the kitchen work surface.  BUT, the water supply dries up if we have long periods of drought. 

My idea is to install a NEW, black, water grade, 1000ltr IPC container half way down the hill to act as a 1000ltr reservoir. Can anybody, based upon experience, please tell me what will be needed (from the spring collection point to the tap) in order to fit the reservoir?  Filters, pumps, and any other information regarding safety? 

My understanding is that 1000ltr will have a fairly quick ‘turnover’ so no dangers from standing water and a that a black IPC container will inhibit bacterial growth etc.

I would be most grateful for any experience based help and advice.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Will you need to dig it in and /or frost protect it well ?
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Yes frost protection is essential.  We use the 1000l black barrels, several of them, to store rainwater for livestock and garden watering.  Our house supply comes from a deep well (hand dug many years ago).  We have had one of the smaller blue barrels (80l I think) freeze solid in a severe winter.  The big barrels have not frozen right through, but they do freeze enough to pop off the taps.  Ours are mounted on brick plinths to give pressure.
Taps, piping and ball cocks can be bought at your agricultural store.  Make sure there's no way mozzies can get in.

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