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TAS ShopThe TAS smallholding shop stocks the most useful and commonly required products you are likely to need around your smallholding.

Our shop is a new venture for us - we know how frustrating it can be to spend hours trying to find the right product at the right price when really, you'd much rather be outside being a smallholder.

So we've done our best to produce the smallholding shop we've always wanted - a shop with a huge range of products at competitive prices and backed up by excellent customer service.

Our staff are happy to answer questions about all aspects of smallholding - livestock husbandry, fencing, grassland management. As well as being qualified and experienced themselves, they also have access to expert advice from suppliers and manufacturers - so just ask!

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TAS badges and t-shirts

We have TAS t-shirts and badges for sale. They are a great way to identify other TAS members at shows, sales and down the pub!

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