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Thanks for explaining that so concisely, @Marches Farmer.  Makes perfect sense to me.

That's good to hear, @Jukes Mum .  I have a leaning towards Dorkings myself, I must admit.

At what age do you eat your cockerels?  And what sort of weight / size are they at that point?

Do you find them to be good mothers?  We're thinking we'd probably better net the whole area for safety from predators - if we get another lockdown next year for avian flu, it'll be a good investment anyway.
Cattle / Re: Dexter herd dispersal
« Last post by SallyintNorth on Today at 05:36:15 pm »
Thanks very much for the validation, landroverroy.  Better do a proper ad in Marketplace now, then!
Cattle / Re: Dexter herd dispersal
« Last post by landroverroy on Today at 04:10:12 pm »
Sounds about right to me Sally.
As you probably realise, you'll always get people thinking they can get Dexters cheap as they fetch very little in the standard livestock markets. But they're ideal as starter cattle for smallholders and give a very commercially saleable calf when crossed with a larger breed.
I cross mine with my Hereford bull  and have achieved nearly £900 for the male offspring in the fatstock market.
Sheep / Re: Ewe Lamb Pricing
« Last post by landroverroy on Today at 04:02:28 pm »
I can't imagine that thesuffolksmallholding has gone to the expense and trouble of registering the lambs just to sell them fat! :thinking: 
Sheep / Re: Don't Crovect lambs?
« Last post by landroverroy on Today at 03:56:51 pm »
Yes permethrin (as in Crovect) does cause nervous problems so not worth risking on young lambs. They are at minimal  risk of fly strike anyway because of their short wool. It shouldn't be long before they reach 12kg anyway, so just keep an eye on them.
Sheep / Re: Ram lamb butting
« Last post by Marches Farmer on Today at 03:46:30 pm »
If a ram lamb sees you as part of the flock rather than a potential predator then he will always try to dominate.  "Play" butting at such an early age would flag him up for an early trip to the market in my flock.
Sheep / Re: Pot bellied lambs
« Last post by Marches Farmer on Today at 03:42:03 pm »
Could you keep to the four times a day bottles but the reduce the amount instead - it would be easier for their digestive systems to deal with.  I've recently stopped feeding the only lamb this year that needed topping up because the dam was a bit short of milk.  I fed her four times a day but gradually reduced the feed down to 60ml twice a day before stopping, much as a lamb weaned naturally would be.  I'm not a fan of any kind of abrupt change in diet.  None of my lambs are fed creep.
Sheep / Re: Don't Crovect lambs?
« Last post by Marches Farmer on Today at 03:36:48 pm »
Flies don't always go for mucky back ends.  Clik gives application rates for animals over 10kg.  My March lambs were done when I separated them off from the ewes before shearing last week
Sheep / Re: Ewe Lamb Pricing
« Last post by Marches Farmer on Today at 03:33:15 pm »
If you might sell them as fat lambs then ask your livestock mart what their optimum weight is - if over-fat the price will decli9ne.  Does the breed society have an upset price (below which bids at an official breed society auction will not be accepted)?  It's what I sell my Southdowns for when selling off the farm - I know some folks sell for a lot more but it saves me taking them to the mart and buyers can be confident they're not being "done".

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