Ivermectin Drops 1% Mite Treatment 5ml

Ivermectin is a popular treatment of lice, mites and internal parasites in cage and aviary birds. It has also been used successfully on larger birds.

Whilst we are aware that many people use Ivermectin on poultry, we are unable to offer any advise as to do so may be in breach of the vetinary medicences laws.

Because chickens are a farm animal you should only use licenced products, or products that you have been advised to use by your vet. In the UK ivermectin isn't licened for chickens although it is for sheep and cattle as well as being used to treat humans.

Harka-Mectin / ivermectin is a spot on treatment for internal and external parasites of cage/aviary birds and homing, racing pigeons over 100 grams.

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