Drontal Plus XL Dog Wormer

Drontal Plus XL Dog Wormer
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Dog Wormer

Drontal Plus XL is an effective dog wormer containing active ingredients Praziquantel, Pyrantel and Febantel.

Drontal XL is used at one tablet per 35 kilogram bodyweight, and thereafter at one half of a tablet every 5 kg.

Drontal is highly effective against roundworm and tapeworm. We would not recomend Drontal XL for pregnant bitches and would suggest that you use Panacur 10% liquid at the correct dosage level, please contact us if you require any advice on this or any other usage of Drontal or Panacur.

Worm Adult dogs with Drontal XL every three months unless you live in a farming area where dogs may need to be wormed as frequently as every two weeks. The connection between fleas and worming, fleas are often infected wih a larval stage of the flea tapeworm, if your dog swallows an infected flea a worm may develop in the gut, which is a good reason to worm with Drontal Plus, and use a flea treatment at the same time.

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