Online Show Guide

TAS online shows are intended to encourage fun competition between members, and like all competitions they work best with some rules and guidelines for those taking part. Please read the online show guide carefully before entering a show for the first time, and if you have any questions or suggestions for improvements please contact us - we'd be delighted to hear from you.

What is an online show?

An online show is just like a normal, real-world show for poultry, sheep, pigs, produce or anything else!

Our shows will typically cover a particular species of livestock, type of vegetable, craft item or some other subject, and will usually run for a month. Each show will have one or more classes - for example a poultry show may have a class for 'Best hen' and another for 'Prettiest egg'.

Competitors enter classes by uploading a photograph of their entry. Once entries close (normally about three weeks after the show opens) the judging begins! Here at TAS we may use either or both of these methods to decide who wins a class:

  • A judge will review all of the entries and pick his or her winner, runner-up, third place and so on - sometimes down to 10th place depending on the number of entries.
  • We also allow members to vote on every show, picking their favourite entry. The entry with the most votes is the members' choice winner!

Entries are anonymous to reduce the chances of subterfuge. We monitor votes carefully to make sure there are no shenanigans.

Who can enter?

Any registered TAS member can enter our shows. Registration is free, quick and easy and is open to anyone anywhere in the world.

To enter most classes all you need is a photograph of a suitable entry. Some prize classes require the payment of a small entry fee to cover the costs of running the shows including prizes and postage. Entry fees are currently only payable by PayPal.

Rules of entry

All show entries must adhere to these rules, unless the class being entered has special rules:

  • Maximum of one entry per member per class in a show.
  • Photographs cannot only be entered in the same class in two different shows. You can enter the same photograph in different classes, however.
  • Photographs must have been taken by the entrant or a close member of the entrant's family.
  • Entry notes must not contain any information that might identify the entrant.
  • You grant us an exclusive, unlimited licence in perpetuity to use any photograph you enter into a TAS online show.

Other rules may apply to individual shows and classes - see the show and class descriptions for details.


Judging takes place once entries are closed. Our judges are always experienced in the subject matter of the class they are judging.

Our shows are not photography competitions! The class description will give you a good idea what judges are looking for, and you should try to make sure your photograph does your entry justice.

Judges' decisions are final. Judges may make notes on individual entries, but unfortunately we can't ask judges to give feedback on request.


Every member has one vote per class for every show. You do not have to enter the show to be able to vote. Members cannot vote on their own entries.

Voting opens once entries are closed, and normally lasts one week. Voting is secret - no vote counts are shown until the class closes.

The entry with the most votes wins. In the event of a tie:

  • Joint-winners will be declared for non-prize classes.
  • A winner will be selected by the class judge for prize classes.

No canvassing of other members is permitted - any member considered to be attempting to rig the results of the member vote will be banned, their entry declared void and their family shamed for all eternity.

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