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Author Topic: Raised bed  (Read 2178 times)

Daisys Mum

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Raised bed
« on: February 11, 2010, 08:33:39 pm »

After slagging hubby off in another post for not fixing my chooks nesting boxes, I came back this afternoon to find that he had finished
the raised bed so hopefully should be able to get planting soon.


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Re: Raised bed
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2010, 03:38:54 pm »
Do we think the last of the snow and frost has passed????

I'm away this weekend for a wedding, but next week, i'm hiring a minidigger so I can level my garden - want to get it all tidied up so it's easier on the eye and I can have a level grounding for my planned polytunnel

But hopefully the week after the garden has been levelled, I can get a start on building my new raised beds and then have a think about what is getting planted!

2 years ago, i had my strawberries outside and they did well but lost a lot of fruit to wet/mildew. Last year i put them in containers in a growhouse - not so much fruit

So, this year I am building a bed and I am putting a roof on it (clear corrugated plastic) that'll keep the rain off, but let the plants thrive in better, deeper soil, get more natural pollination. I'm also burying a leaky hose into the bed so I can water it under the soil rather than from above the ground which leads to mildew problems with strawbs!

Also, i'm planning a similar "moving" roof arrangement on the other beds, basically, a low roof for when the seeds are sown, but gradually move it up as the shoots come through. I'm hoping this will help warm the soil up and keep it a little warmer to get things going a little earlier

Last thing I plan to do is build some proper cane structures so my peas and french beans can climb properly.

Also, as i'm a bit busy these days, whilst i plan to build about 10-12 beds, i've given over 4 of them to someone without a garden - they'll get 4 beds to grow their own and in return they are gonna keep an eye on my beds - occasional weeding/watering! So that'll be a great help!!

think i better order up my seed tatties soon - in fact no, there is a tattie festival coming up soon, i'll get them then!


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