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Author Topic: Agressive mother!  (Read 1169 times)


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Agressive mother!
« on: April 20, 2013, 08:02:32 am »
 I've got a ewe who seems intent on killing another ewe's lamb and in her frenzy to get at it is quite likely to take out her own in the process. Only a day difference between ages - they are now 10 days old - should the lambs be able to withstand a concerted butting attack or should I continue to keep them separate?  I tried to let them sort it out amongst themselves - but just couldn't watch - someone was going to get hurt! How old do you think the lambs would have to be before I try it again. I've now got another lamb a week younger too.

How old do the lambs have to be when you can you stop worrying about foxes so much? Big sheep farmer over the road from me has lost loads apparently

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Re: Agressive mother!
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2013, 08:56:43 am »
Are they outside? Normally if plenty of space they keep out of each others way. Usually the lambs mum will call it back. I would separate them otherwise she may seriously injure it.

Is the lamb pestering this ewe? By 10 days the mums are usually a bit more chilled but it might depend on the breed and whether a new or seasoned mum. My ewes will run across the field to attack my dog so I keep them well it the way at this time of year.


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Re: Agressive mother!
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2013, 09:13:57 am »
Yes outside  but the ewe will make a point of seeking out the other lamb across the field with an intent look in her eye. They are Ryelands - first time lambers - sadly this ewe lost a twin to watery mouth so have thought this this was probably something to do with it ie. looking for her other lamb and then smelling that this one isn't it. Got the two ewes in two separate electric fenced paddocks - think I might keep it that way a bit longer - especially as the other ewe's lamb seems a bit too independent and his mum a bit too laid back!

All been a bit of a nightmare really - had one ewe with pneumonia before lambing which spread to the others - and now to her own lamb - lots of anti-biotics and lots of vet bills....I think I'll take your advice - I don't need murderous mother on top of all that!

Thanks for replying

Keeper of Ryelands (learner) , Geese, Bantams, Chickens, Ducks , Horses & Cattle.  Animal Feed Merchant by day & BSc Agriculture graduate of yore :)


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