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Author Topic: hiya all from fluffywelshsheep aka linz  (Read 5891 times)


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hiya all from fluffywelshsheep aka linz
« on: October 22, 2007, 08:33:35 am »
hiya i don't own anywhere near what you would call a small holding.
I live in tullibody not far from the Ochills and Devon river.

I live in house with a little bit of a garden (soon to be enlargen) where i grow my own vegatable, fruitbushes also have some tree which are currently in pots but wish to put in the ground. Do a lot of container growing.

I would love to own my own small holding with a couple of sheep, and couple of pigs, and of course chickens don't think i could handle cows at this moment.

I recently attended with small holder fair in Mid Wales (back in May, it think) and i am totally hooked the only prob was i couldn't really get much in my suitcase for the plane :(.

I have vast knowledge of many old and new skills which i have gain via attending an agricultural college in South Wales and many other countryside course.

Am also recycle mad, I try to create new way to recycle old stuff to make it usefully for what i need.
Over the last couple of months i have started to knit again and am enjoying it :)

I like to help people out if they have probem that i can solve or even devise a way to help with.



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