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Re: mealworms
« Reply #30 on: June 25, 2021, 06:24:34 am »
I am right with you there Fleecewife: "the stuff reclaimed for animal feed" is the problem. Personally I don't want to feed my animals unspecified 'meat derivatives' or unspecified 'fish derivatives' (or indeed chicken that's eaten bits of pigs that are not fit for sale to humans, as per new EU law).

At the end of the day it is all about the quality of the foods in the human food chain, and knowing what animals in it have eaten. That's hard to do with processed animal feeds.

And mealworms only got caught up in all this because poultry were classified as livestock, and mealworms as PAP. Hopefully we will get some sense from legislators going forward.


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Re: mealworms
« Reply #31 on: June 25, 2021, 12:58:22 pm »
My dogs LOVE their occasional sardine dinner.  Aldi and Lidl offer in sunflower oil for quite a few pennies less than the others (if one can find any left on their shelves !).  Feeding both of my 2 small dogs for about 0.32 a can (split between them !) is just brilliant:  they always seem very satisfied after scoffing their half-share of a sardine meal (which might be one of their 2 meals a day).   

Dogs aren't covered by the legislation so no problem there.

May I also add that just because legislation changes to suit the whims of politicians doesn't mean I would want to eat or keep animals raised in the new conditions with lesser standards of care.  I don't think it's something to be excited about that the EU will now be feeding  :poo: and ground up dead animals to livestock.

Totally agree; I'm in no hurry to win the race to the bottom on standards!!!  However, with the trade deals being done, and the EU also dropping their standards I fear it's going to fall to the keepers themselves to put welfare, health and hygiene first, rather than buying the cheapest possible "feed" available.

Actually the UK is now one better than the EU, now we will be able to get the double dose from the US - not just fed growth hormones and AB's (and most likely undustrial food waste as well), but also washed in chlorine....

But this morning I saw one of my hens eating the leftovers from Quentin's (our cat) midnight hunts.... and she was mightily pleased with herself for spottting it before the others did, and I was pleased that I didn't have to move it out of the way... and yes it was very dead. So given the choice the hens will eat any kind of protein, alive or dead. My problem with feeding animal proetins to omnivores is not the principle, but the scale of industrial production.... but then I try not to eat chicken that hasn't run around my place.

Nothing wrong with good, home grown protein caught fair and square (or stolen from the nearest cat which the hens clearly keep as slaves)!

I think the problem with "industrial production" is that it lacks the attention to detail that a fully engaged, owner who actually puts animal welfare first, would give to ensuring quality ingredients for nutritious output.  We seem to be living in times of corruption and profit pursuit rather than trying to live in harmony with the world around us.  Maybe it was always this way and it's just as I'm getting old that I am viewing it through "different lenses" as the youngsters would say... not quite bifocal yet but certainly a hint of rose in mine!

I thought in the UK all pet food had to be of a standard that met suitable for human consumption... but maybe they're differentiating livestock from pets on this point so whereas historically the condemned carcasses went for cat and dog food, now they'll find their way to the poultry and pigs... which of course is where most of the nasty human diseases that arrive with us from zoonosis make the jump.

Anyway, on that gloomy note, I'm going to see if there's any sunshine to be had outside.
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mealworms and other insects

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