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Author Topic: Film review: Dredd (2012)  (Read 2833 times)


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Film review: Dredd (2012)
« on: June 16, 2013, 07:43:09 pm »
Dredd (IMDB)

Watched this a couple of nights ago. If (like me) you're of a certain age you might remember the comic 2000AD, home of Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper and Halo Jones amongst others. But the main man was Judge Dredd, enforcer of the law in Mega-City One.

I approached this 2012 film based on Judge Dredd with some trepidation - like any film of a childhood cult the fear is that the film-makers ride roughshod over your precious memories and imagination (The Hobbit, anyone?) and spoil the experience. But I needn't have worried - Dredd does an excellent job of recreating Mega-City One, the mega-blocks and the atmosphere of an over-crowded, under-employed future world.

The story takes place in a very short time frame, and it's this that makes it a success. The entire film concentrates on Dredd and Anderson (played superbly by Olivia Thirlby), the rookie Psi-Judge who is on assessment, as they investigate three homicides in one of the city's more troubled blocks.

They stumble upon a link to the manufacture and distribution of an illegal drug, Slo-mo, and a tricky situation ensues for the two judges.

This is a violent film - justice in Mega-City One is swift and summary, and the sentence often involves a bullet to the head or worse. And the gang controlling the block are not nice people. But it fits the setting - the gritty, sullen atmosphere of the block and the ultra-tense circumstances the judges find themselves in makes it necessary.

The performances are great. Karl Urban (Eomer in Lord of the Rings) plays Dredd to a tee, making a mockery of the ridiculous portrayal by Sylvester Stallone in 1995's Judge Dredd. Olivia Thirlby also shines, and thankfully there is no hint of romance or other contrived notions - it's great to see the strong female character that Anderson always was reflected on screen.

If you're a Judge Dredd fan this is a must-see. If you like action films and can stomach the violence you'll also enjoy this a lot - you don't need to have read 2000AD to appreciate it, and there is some scene setting that explains the world the film's set in.

9/10  :thumbsup:
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You sold it to me Dan , i'll get it when i can .

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Re: Film review: Dredd (2012)
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2013, 08:31:05 pm »
Great, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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