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Re: Smalholder Cars?
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This is a problem we had last year, when our old Nissan X-Trail died. Well, it was worth £500 and would have cost £3000 to get moving! Our solution was as follows. A 2011 Renault Scenic diesel for towing and people moving. 45 plus mpg. Tows 1500kgs which covers us, as our trailer is only rated at 1000kgs. And a compact tractor! Total cost of tractor and car £6000, which was considerably less than a similar age 4x4. We tow the pigs etc in the trailer with the tractor off road, then hitch to the car and tow that on road. The car stays cleaner, the tractor goes everywhere a Landrover will, and the mpg is great in the car. Anyway that was our solution.
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