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Mystery ewe
« on: May 03, 2018, 10:59:04 am »
I wondered if anyone could advise, I have a Ewe a week into her possible lambing window of 3 weeks, she is well bagged up, a bit swollen around bulva and since yesterday she won’t come to trough, she was a bit tired looking so I gave her some ketosaid and calcium and she’s perked up quite a bit, she started pawing at the ground yesterday evening, and when lying down she looked like she was giving the occasional push, fully expected lambs overnight but nothing today, did an internal to make sure no ringwomb or anything going on and seems fine, cervix is soft and slightly open, can’t feel any lambs coming but didn’t want to be too invasive, she had a small amount of creamy white discharge this morning, no smell or anything coming from her and she’s eating again, I have never seen a Ewe do that pushy thing unless they are in labour, can anyone advise? Her vulva is a little more swollen today and she is much more alert but still continuing to paw at the ground, can a Ewe do the pushy thing and pawing days before labour? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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