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Re: Eradibait
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Fenn Mk 4 spring traps are very good . Make a portable tunnel to keep pets out.
Check out Youtube videos on how to set them & how to place them correctly etc. & your in business.
 My trap was from The Barn cost about £14 & it can be used time & time again . My tunnel is four feet long by nine inches across the base by about 10 inches high made of 2 mm mm thick black plastic sheeting  bent into a letter " U " with a wooden lath on the outside edge of he longest length then tied to the width of the tunnels 9 inches with a wooden tie bar screwed across each end . It gets baited on the trip plate with peanut sized blob of peanut butter.

 Oh! ,  wear strong leather gloves till you become competent at setting them for they really hurt  if they get your fingers .
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