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Author Topic: Update on my Dexters  (Read 989 times)


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Update on my Dexters
« on: May 14, 2016, 10:43:06 am »
 Just a little update on my Dexters because I am very proud of them. In less than 2 weeks they've become very settled and are relaxed around familiar people and other animals including the hens - who try and steal their feed - the sheep - including the naughty lambs - and our 2 collies, even when the dogs bark at them. If they are lying down when I go out to them they don't even bother getting up, which I think is a good sign.  They will eat out of a bucket while I'm holding it and will tolerate being touched and stroked on their heads, necks and backs while they are eating but I'm not sure they will ever be quite confident enough to progress to halter training.

Yesterday I turned them out in the paddock next to their shed for the first time, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  The plan was to let them out during the day but still bring them in at night, to keep them tame. I was a bit anxious about whether they would still come to their buckets, but needn't have worried - they came to me straight away and followed me the length of the field to get their tea, which I gave them inside their shed.

If only the ponies were as well behaved!  ;D
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Re: Update on my Dexters
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2016, 12:29:11 pm »
That sounds brilliant you have indeed come a long way with them. They remind me a lot of my own youngstock, very well done with them and I hope that they do you proud! :)
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