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Re: Footvax
« Reply #15 on: August 22, 2016, 08:01:57 am »
OK, it's time to report back!

After struggling all last year with one foot problem or another, we finally 'gave in' and footvaxed. Prior to footvaxing we were having to treat lambs for scald on what seemed like a weekly basis, even though we always footbathed them when moving between fields etc etc. We also had several ewes go lame with footrot, which proved very difficult to treat.
I'm pleased to report that the result has been nothing short of remarkable, and though I'll probably jinx myself by typing this, we haven't had ANY scald or footrot since vaccinating :thumbsup: :
  • We did the first dose in December and the second in February.
  • This required two 20ml bottles (1ml dose per sheep)
  • Each bottle cost us £30+VAT
  • We used the same sterimatic vaccination gun as for heptavac, which worked fine
  • Some sheep developed sizeable lumps at the injection site after the first jab. These faded within a few weeks, but even so I'm glad we did it outside fly-strike season
  • Footvax is apparently especially nasty if self-injected, so take special care.
Also worthy of note is that our sheep had really weak hooves which cracked and let in infection. The jury's still out, but I believe this was due to a mineral deficiency, since for example older ewes bought in with good hooves showed horizontal cracking corresponding with the hoof being grown just after they moved to us. (in other words I believe new weak hoof material joining onto old strong material led to the cracking.) We now give all the sheep permanent access to "Zinc Rich" rockies lick blocks, and their feet now seem to be far stronger.

Obviously I'm hoping that having sorted these 'structural' problems, we won't have to footvax again - let's see.

I hope that's helpful!  :thumbsup:

You do make really helpful posts, @Womble Thank you


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Re: Footvax
« Reply #16 on: August 22, 2016, 08:16:41 am »
It is curious that the LA version does not give a contraindication but the 1% solution dose does. The difference in drug concentration max is probably the factor though I suppose it is possible it is an excipient causing the problem.  Intuitively I would avoid a LA formulation of a drug giving a reaction as an immediate release, not least of all because there is a longer period for the adverse event to happen but from your communication @Womble this has been properly investigated in this case.


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Re: Footvax
« Reply #17 on: August 22, 2016, 10:36:25 am »
I suppose it is possible it is an excipient causing the problem.

Don't quote me, but I think I read somewhere that this was indeed the cause.

BTW, two of our ewes had previously been wormed with Cydectin LA, and showed no ill effects when footvaxed.
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Re: Footvax
« Reply #18 on: August 22, 2016, 07:12:10 pm »
The NOAH page on Cydectin 1% injectable for sheep says, under 'Contra-indictations, warnings, etc',
Not to be used in animals that have any history of previous vaccination against footrot.


So that would imply, to me, that if you've ever vaccinated for footrot, you can never use Cydectin 1% in that sheep.

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