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Author Topic: PLEASE PUT YOUR Incubation Results HERE MAKE OFF INCUBATER HAW MENEY EGGS  (Read 5861 times)


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G bamford   incubater pro cel  400 were the eggs came from e bay youre own and most importent haw meney hatched  .............                           Temperature and humidity?
This is plain and simple, yet the MOST important part of hatching.
Still-air incubator (no fan):101.5 degrees measured at the TOP of the eggs.
Fan Forced incubator:     99.5 degrees measured anywhere in the incubator.
Humidity:                           60-65% for the first 18 days, 80-85% for the last 3 days.
You can sneak by with humidity numbers that aren't very accurate, but the combination of poor humidity and temperature will definately cause problems at hatch time. If your temperature is not accurate you will DEFINATELY have problems at hatch time. The bigger the deviation from the proper temperature, the bigger your problems will be!
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Bought 8 buff sussex hatching eggs and a novital 20 incubator manual turn
of ebay and got 8 chicks from 8 eggs, Just put 12 duck eggs in ill keep you up
updated ;D

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novital 50+ eggs manual last lot 15 home eggs and 6 ebay eggs 15 home hatched 3 ebay hatched. 31 in at the moment 19 coloured home eggs most alive. 12 marans cant tell to dark. due saturday.


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thats fantastic  thats the incubater and the eggs working together 100 pecent


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more luck than anything. it realy does get addictive.


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Rcom Suro incubator X2

First batch, 15 of our own Maran eggs in, 13 chicks (2 male, 11 female) and 2 infertile eggs

Second batch, 18 Ebay duck eggs in, 5 Khaki campbell ducks out (12 replacement eggs arriving tomorrow, think it was too early in the season)

Third batch, 4 Locally sourced Embden Goose eggs, 3 non-starters and one exploded

Fourth batch, 15 of our own Hen eggs, mixture of Pure Maran and Maran/Warren (will these be sex linked?) - Due 8th April but there was a power cut last night and temp was down to 25 by the time I reallised at 7am. Keeping fingers crossed!

Fifth Batch, 12 Khaki Campbell eggs (Ebay) and 6 Appleyard (Locally sourced) going in on Friday


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I'd love to try hatching but scared I'm left with masses of chicks - what do you all do with them?  Do you sell them, if so where, and do you advertise, and if so where
Always have been, always will be, a WYSIWYG - black is black, white is white - no grey in my life! But I'm mellowing in my old age


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offically they are ment to be replacement egg layers and the odd cockeral for meat but the last lot i gave away and for some reason i seem to be getting big fluffy friendly chucks.


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We are hatching for a variety of reasons...

Ducks - Because we want to keep ducks and feel that they'll be more friendly towards us if we rear them from day 1
Geese - As Above
Marans - To replenish our laying stocks and to sell. POL pullets fetch between 30 and 50!  :o
Hybrids - To replenish and extend our laying stocks and to sell


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Hi all

Bristane Eco 20 with cradle

First hatch 14/1/10 18 Kharki Campbell (ebay), 15 fertile 11 hatched, 1 died 10 10 week olds all female

Second hatch 18/2/10 16 Kharki Campbell 4 from our own 4 ducks and 12 from ebay. Our 4 all fertile and hatched. Ebays 7 fertile 5 hatched, 5 weeks old all well.

Third hatch due on 30th 12 kharki campbells from our own girls, 6 white call ducks from ebay (chuckyegg123) all of these where not fertile, step daughter was distraught as she wanted these to be her first ones, contacted seller but no reply.  All 12 Kharki's fertile on 2nd candleing 1 early death 11 going strong.

This is so addictive but i have always wanted a flock of around 20 - 25 ducks/drakes thought it would be nice to do our own...
We intend to hatch some of our own chicks this year as well to replinish old stock.....



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Novital 24 incubator
18 light sussex bought from ebay and only 8 hatched im rather dissapointed.


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dont be a 50% rate is normal for posted eggs. think that those chickens would cost you at least 10 quid each in a few weeks time if bought. so you have the fun of chicks and you save cash too. you do need to check the unhatched eggs to see if there was a pattern to the failrd hatched eggs. i like to find clear eggs then i know its not my fault. the worst are the failed hatchlings.


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Thanks for the advice I didnt even think to check the eggs that didnt hatch and yes your right the kids love having the chicks running around and it certainly is cheaper.!!


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we put 6 in and no joy, not disapointed only first try, we are ready to set more
when you say check eggs do you mean crack the egg open?
as this is what we are thinking of doing just to see what was going on in there
langdon :chook:
Langdon ;)


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Thats what I thought "crack them"  I must admit I feel abit unsure about it though


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