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Dogs I have known
« on: February 01, 2015, 11:10:38 am »
I wrote all this in another thread, then realised it was unnecessary detail there - but having written about Horace, I didn't want to lose it, so decided to start another thread for us to post anecdotes and stories of dogs we have known.

My last rescue, before I came into farming, was Horace.  He looked like a flop-eared long-haired GSD (pic attached.)  He was the loveliest, easiest, kindest dog I have ever owned or known.  If I knew how to repeat his breeding I would patent it (just kidding  :D) and take over the planet!  lol

Until we got him home, we had no idea he had some herding dog in there.  He couldn't abide livestock to be 'untidy' in a field, and would, with no fuss or stress, gather whatever he found into a circle in the middle of the field, then sit, tongue lolling, smiling with happiness and fulfilment, nearby.  Needless to say, once we realised this we trained him to not even look at livestock.  (I often think how he must look down on me, saying, "Now?!  NOW you get sheep?!!! and shaking his head.)

Unlike all my other rescue dogs, I never found any evidence of Horace having been ill-treated.  He was probably around 3 years old when we got him.  He had no commands at all, but took quite readily to being trained.  For a long while he had terrible separation anxiety, even though he'd have the other dog for company - quite understandable, but took a bit of overcoming.  (Yay for John Cree's book 'Your Problem Dog' and the 'toy box'!  :D)

He had terrible, terrible hips, but never let it bother him and, even as an old dog becoming arthritic, he could still manage stiles - but would wait for me to help him with the rear end.  :)  He made it to 15 years old.  I couldn't wish for a better dog.

Now of course I have working collies.  One I bought part-trained, my wise old Skip, without whom, etc.  The other is my Dottie, an accidental mating between two good workers (both registered.)  She's the only one of the litter of 4 who would work, they tell me - and she's a tiny, fearless, gifted, dedicated, clever little worker.  But if you shout at her - she can't work.  I love her to pieces and couldn't ask for a better working dog or friend.  :love: :dog:
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Re: Dogs I have known
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2015, 07:41:34 pm »
I have had Irish Setters that I loved to bits, such fun loving dogs. German Shepherds who I miss everyday, one was a rescue with mental problems. Now we have a collie and collie cross lab and of course our Jack Russell. I never saw myself with a small dog but when one of my shepherds Kelsey died age 13 I did not want to replace her. We still had Fallon and Tanya. A year later I was still grieving at her loss hence Jake came into our lives. Most of my horsey friends had Jack Russell so we thought why not. He is my little defender, comes out to the stables every morning while I feed then put the ponies out. Not good with strangers, lets me know if anyone is about long before the other two. We did have another rescue dog , Lizzie a staffie cross but we had to put her down age 3 year as she turned very nasty hence would never have anything like that breed again.


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Re: Dogs I have known
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2015, 08:53:43 pm »
Horace looks like he was a beauty.

I have a yellow lab who is 13 and I am dreading when his time comes as he is my first dog which wasn't a family pet.   He has such a character about him and still has his puppy moments.

I also have a 7 yr old black lab, 9 yr old rescue shepherd cross and 7 yr old rescue dobby cross. The last 2 came as a pair from the dog rescue I volunteer for. I couldn't be with my dogs but there are those that have something a little bit extra special about them


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Re: Dogs I have known
« Reply #3 on: February 06, 2015, 10:43:51 pm »
Beautiful Horace, it's just amazing how these little beings can have such an effect on us.
We've 4 dogs, all pets, all individuals, so very different but all giving unconditional love, each is so precious and I'm greatful I get to spend my days with them.
Holly - cocker spaniel nearly 6yrs, Dougal - cocker spaniel 2yrs (Holly's son), Ellie - rescue lurcher 1yrs & newbie Heidi - cocker spaniel nearly 6 months. They make my life complete ??


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