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Author Topic: Planning Problems Solved and Returning back to Farming  (Read 2514 times)


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Planning Problems Solved and Returning back to Farming
« on: November 20, 2014, 11:32:03 am »

i'm a smallholder in Warwickshire, i had a lot of planning problems for 2 years, for having a caravan on my land that i used as storage that got me to CROWN court, i educated but didn't realize the difference between LEGAL and Common law, i had no luck with Solicitors or Barristers that were only there to do a deal and admit guilt, to living at a caravan even though all court papers were sent to my home address 6 miles away, i tried questioning the council put unearthed questionable 'processes' which they filed a Injunction for 1 year so i could not tell anyone,

i learnt Common law which saved me in the end, Council Lost Injunction Trial and i got on TV and should go back for compensation and NO CROWN court Orders to move my Caravan and they leave let-me alone, i helped a few guys back in January and February with other planning Issues;a guy who Planning said his "farm was a scrap yard" and presented him with a Planning Notice to tidy up 15 things within 3 months or face Court action in Feb 2014 disappeared with letters;  a guy who put concrete on farm land and converting a barn to a house without planning;  a old couple who after being burgled 3 times in a year put a  6 foot high electric security gate on a housing estate without planning permission and were facing massive Legal expenses enough to bankrupt them eventually all disappeared in Jan "2014;

i thank goD i was taken on this highly stressful journey to learn the difference between LAWFUL and LEGAL, i no enjoy farming again without interference with a greater understanding of Traditional farming with the protection and Opportunities from Understanding my Common law Rights,

if someone is really stuck You can contact me, while i am not a Solicitor (or wish to 'Solicit' myself) and can not give legal advice, i can help my fellow man and tell you what worked for me,

thanks and g0D speed,

 :farmer:   :wave:

useful links:
News interview,

Idiots guide to 'commonlaw' dictionary:
Voss Electric Fence


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Re: Planning Problems Solved and Returning back to Farming
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2014, 10:27:35 am »
 That is brilliant Bali, and really kind of you to offer help. It can be really intimidating to receive an enforcement notice from the council, and they make it sound like court action is imminent and you  are automatically in the wrong. So it's really useful to be able to discuss it with someone before going into panic mode. :thumbsup:
 It must have given you a feeling of utmost satisfaction to have beaten the petty bureaucrats for whom power (as they see it) has gone to their heads.
I had something similar, though nowhere near as stressful or far reaching,a few years ago. We bought 18 acres of land with a lake on it on the outskirts of Goole. Having been neglected for many years, and unfenced, it was regarded as a public space. People wandered on and off at will, kids made dens, and a teenage boy drowned in the lake some years before we bought it. To emphasise that it was private land, and to keep our cattle in, we fenced it with stock netting and barbed wire. We then received a letter from the local council threatening enforcement if we didn't remove the barbed wire adjacent to the grass verge, which was "a hazard".
So like you I looked up my rights, and local bye laws, which said that barbed wire adjacent to a highway  "could constitute a hazard". I had a meeting with the self important  enforcement officer and pointed out that surely death by drowning which had actually happened was a real hazard. It was therefore far more important to guard against that happening again by keeping trespassers off our land, than to worry about cyclists scratching themselves on the barbed wire, an action that was rarely fatal and showed a remarkable loss of contol by the cyclist anyway as the wire was 6' back from the roadside.
Not wanting to be completely unhelpful though, I agreed to remove the barbed wire and replace it with ranch type fencing, if the council would indemnify me against any charges arising from the deaths of people climbing the fence and swimming, and consequently drowning  in our lake. Surprisingly I heard no more about it.
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