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Author Topic: WANTED - hire of small stock trailer/cheap purchase of older model! Perthshire  (Read 2083 times)

Pundyburn Lynn

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Hello folks,

Those  who read the forums might be aware that my Soay sheep did a runner in July.  I now know where they are but catching them is impossible.  We've tried tricking them into a race/pen, tethering them, using the local shepherd's dog, arranging horse boxes and simply wrestling them to the ground.  No use whatsoever.  They've gotten clever!

I am now looking for access to a livestock trailer for around a week to slowly lure them inside with food!  I am prepared to buy one if necessary, but don't have megabucks.  I am also willing to pay for the hire (and clean the trailer thoroughly afterwards) if you could do without your trailer for this length of time.


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langfauld easycare

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 :wave: i do contract shepherd work and also used to own 120 soays . not to far from you. could do it on a no catch no fee basis . glen and me be like a bounty hunters  :roflanim:

Pundyburn Lynn

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I've pm'd you separately.  We may have to rehome them, much as it kills me to do so.  They've become quite adventurous in their outlook!  Don't suppose you're aware of a local Soay flock they could join, bearing in mind they're unregistered and now have scraggy earlobes...


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  • Stirlingshire, Central Scotland
Hi Lynn,

I'm afraid I can't lend my trailer as I'm using it all the time myself just now. However, the offer still stands, if you can get them securely penned behind some (tall!) hurdles, I'll cheerfully come and help you bring them back home.

"All fungi are edible. Some fungi are only edible once." -Terry Pratchett

Pundyburn Lynn

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Hey womble,

Your offers are sooo helpful and I WILL take you up on them at some point in the near future! X



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  • Stirlingshire, Central Scotland
OK, but first you need to take Langfauld up on his offer - but don't forget your video recorder!  :innocent:
"All fungi are edible. Some fungi are only edible once." -Terry Pratchett

langfauld easycare

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 :wave: glen is straining on his chain in anticipation  ;D .......... :dog: :sheep: :sheep:


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can i come watch :-D

Pundyburn Lynn

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Thanks folks,

I now have a plan...  Langfauld, I will definitely make use of your services and will get back to you during the course of the week.  But first I need to figure out what to do with them once tethered.  I have slowly come to the conclusion that Soays are just too energetic for our limited resources and I really need to rehome them.  I'm just about to put a separate ad on to that effect.  Meanwhile, if anyone could offer a home to two quite charming Soay sheep (free, of course) please get in touch.


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