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Author Topic: Runny Nose in calf  (Read 1394 times)


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Runny Nose in calf
« on: July 12, 2013, 10:20:53 am »
We got a few calfs 3 weeks ago they are 6 weeks old and after a few days one got a runny nose and looked a bit sorry for her self so I got the vet who said she had a chill and gave her some antibiotice and she picked up, but has never been a good drinker of milk and after a few days I called the vet, as her nose started to run again and she gave me a long lasting antibiotic for her, again she picked up and drank fmilk for 2 days but then went of it again , I called the vet again and was told to turn her out as she eats hay and some dry mix and see what she is like as some calfs arnt keen on milk, well she will eat grass all day but will only have a pint or so of milk every few days but again she is starting with the runny nose, she is ok in her self but I am concerned there might be a under lying problemas any one else had a simaler problem with one, the other calf is fine.
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Re: Runny Nose in calf
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2013, 09:02:09 pm »
Pnuemonia is always your biggest problem with calves. plenty of air movement, putting them outside will help if the weather is good. this weather can stress calves and cause outbreaks of it.
Simplest way to tell if your calf is ill, is to take its temp. 102 upwards show a problem. a jag of something like resflor under the skin will sort it.

you also do get funny calves that just dont thrive. a runny nose doesnt mean much. if its temp is normal, and its not scouring then its probably alright.

hope that helps a bit.



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