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Re: fleece
« Reply #30 on: November 06, 2012, 10:15:36 pm »
Hello arumba and welcome to TAS  :wave:
I've just been spinning for a couple of months so am at the very beginners stage of not a clue  :D I'm near Durham and attend the Stanhope guild on a Wednesday afternoon when I'm not working. And hoping to pop over to gilsland group too on  Friday.
The monthly guild at stocksfield, is good too, and on a Saturday so I can get there most meetings for at least a few hours.
The groups have been invaluable for me to learn the skills, the ladies are sooooo helpful and friendly.

Hopefully will see you at one or two of these. Oh and I'm on ravelry too, under the same name if you wish to add me as a friend  :sunshine:


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Re: fleece
« Reply #31 on: November 07, 2012, 09:30:00 am »
Hi Mammyshaz  :wave:

at the moment i cant get to the group on wednesdays as i look after my granddaughters but the day is going to change after new year so i will then defiantly be coming and look forward to meeting you all

I am currently waiting to buy a wheel off someone i think its an old wheel but going cheap as money is very tight at my end  :'(    but at least it will get me started spinning

I have so many ideas and things in my head i want to many but Baby steps first  :roflanim:
people have been so friendly on here especially the northeners  :roflanim: Ive added you to my freinds list no doubt i will be asking you all lots of questions and looking for advice
speak soon  :sunshine:


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Re: fleece
« Reply #32 on: November 10, 2012, 10:54:52 pm »
According to AA Autoroute anyway ..which with my driving is often reliable until I get lost   ;D

PM coming your way Sally
Well the PM arrived safely!  :D  and I've replied.   :fc: we'll meet up sometime soon  :)

So, quiltycats and I had a cappuccino together today - thanks QC, it was a very nice cuppa!  :wave: :)

She is, of course, as mad as a bag o' the things she quilts, so that was good  :thumbsup: ;D

And despite having driven to our rendezvous via Stanhope so I could tell her how far it was, all I was able to tell her was it would be less than xty mins - why couldn't they have told me they'd shut the road over the top when I was at the bottom and had a better choice of alternative routes?   ::) :rant: 

Never mind, it was a beautiful day for a drive through gorgeous countryside  :love: :tree: and always nice to meet fellow spinners, TASers, sheepkeepers, etc.

And the wheel I went over that way to pick up?  Dan, we need a one of these  :thumbsup:  - but the other way up.  :(  It would spin if it were fettled up, but there's quite a bit of woodwork and some metalwork to do to achieve that, no-one ever pays much for ones that have had to have that amount of remedial work, and the wood there is has a lot of wormholes in it. 

I'll be posting a query about woodworm somewhere, not sure where yet... ???
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Re: fleece
« Reply #33 on: November 10, 2012, 11:49:58 pm »

So, quiltycats and I had a cappuccino together today - thanks QC, it was a very nice cuppa!  :wave: :)

She is, of course, as mad as a bag o' the things she quilts, so that was good  :thumbsup: ;D

 :o I resemble that remark...It was good to meet up, though when Sally's first words were "I thought that must be you" as I arrived in the busy cafe, I did wonder if that means I look like my quilty cat avatar  :cat: hey that's one grumpy looking cat!!!  Nice to be able to witter chat about this spinning lark. Sounds like the wheel you collected will be keeping you out of mischief for a while Sally  ;)


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