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Author Topic: Can I tan the skin from a Wiltshire Horn?  (Read 1572 times)


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Can I tan the skin from a Wiltshire Horn?
« on: September 24, 2012, 10:45:11 am »
Hi, We have some Wiltshire Horns lambs, and are gearing up to take them to the freezer. :sheep:

I have learnt so much from this forum as a first timer, so thank you one and all!! :farmer:

One further question I have is, can we get the skins tanned, and if so when is the best time?  As self shearers, we have all variations of wool / skin at the moment.

Many thanks Em :raining:


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Re: Can I tan the skin from a Wiltshire Horn?
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2012, 04:19:00 pm »
Apparently, Wilts horn skin is thicker than that of wooled sheep and makes a superior skin product (or so I heard round the breed soc stand at southsheep this year). I think people are looking at how to market this so.let me know how you get on.


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