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Author Topic: Running a couiple of Store Lambs with my Tup  (Read 1532 times)


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Running a couiple of Store Lambs with my Tup
« on: September 24, 2012, 02:56:34 pm »
Hi - having just bought my first sheep - 5 Ryeland Ewes and a Tup I am excitedly learning as I go.  A couple of questions though if anyone is kind enough to help out.
I am going to aim to lamb at Easter next year - so won't let the Tup in with the ewes until early November - he is in the next paddock, can see and touch them so all is well.  However, I was considering running a couple of store lambs with him - company and a chance to fatten up some lambs for meat around Christmas time.  Will this cause issues and should I run gimmers or wethers or does it not matter if they are still so young?
Question 2 - I have put a Crystalyx mineral block in each paddock - I presume I just leave them in the tub and they help themselves if they need it??  In this rain - they will top up with water - is this a problem?  These may sound pretty daft questions - but gotta start somewhere :-)
Thanks in advance for any help


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Re: Running a couiple of Store Lambs with my Tup
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2012, 03:12:41 pm »
Congratulations on starting with sheep.  :thumbsup: :love: :sheep:

Firstly, the store lambs should be wethers.  Gimmer lambs could come a-cycling at 5 months old and, even if it didn't bother you, it would bother the mart and/or slaughterhouse staff if they went for slaughter and were found to be in lamb.

Yes the Crystalyx tubs will get water on them.  Usually a little doesn't matter and they'll lick it off; in extreme conditions you may decide to tip some water off the top now and again, and yes, you will lose some of the minerals you've paid for that way.  If you can make a hole in the tub just above the current level, you'll save a bit.  Or of course site it out of the rain, if you have such a place in your pastures!
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Re: Running a couiple of Store Lambs with my Tup
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2012, 03:24:38 pm »
Hi Sally - that's fab :-)  Thank you very much.
I will look in to a getting a couple of young wethers and just manage the blocks when I am up checking on the sheep - drilling a hole sounds like a good plan though.


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