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Author Topic: Goose eggs  (Read 6235 times)


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Re: Goose eggs
« Reply #15 on: April 11, 2009, 08:58:39 am »
Well 6 have hatched although had to help last 2 as the humidity started playing up and the membranes were drying around the gooslings. One of the last 2 is not looking great at the moment (still in incubator drying) as it is not getting up on its feet and moving around so will have to wait and see. Had the same sort of prob with a duckling which came to me as a day old recently and after a couple of weeks of caring for it indoors it final lost it's fight on tuesday and don't think i can do that again so it better start moving when it gets out!!!!

be careful with water supply as one of mine drowned first night, dish with pebbles in it is good idea.

We have found that an ice cube try is fantastic. Only have fill the compartments at the begining and grdually increase the depth of water over time. We have used this method successfully with chicks and ducklings in the past and touch wood have never lost any to drowning. It also means that they can't go for a swim and get wet and cold. Change the water once or twicce a day depending on how dirty the have made it!!!
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Re: Goose eggs
« Reply #16 on: April 11, 2009, 09:03:52 am »
I hope your wee one gets on ok Claire. Sometimes I have found with the ducklings that if I help them out they are very weak for the first few hours.They always have made it for me though, I am pleased that I have never "lost" any once they start hatching or once they are out. I think it is probably because although we paniced and believed we were doing the right thing the wee thing simply wasn't quite ready to come out. So, when we let it free it's weak as it's not quite ready for the big wide world, if that makes sense. That's my thoughts anyway.


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Re: Goose eggs
« Reply #17 on: April 11, 2009, 10:23:59 pm »
I think you could be right James.  An athlete trains for a big event by exercising more and more each day and the way I look at chicks/ducklings is they are training by pecking a bit more of the egg little by little, so if you help them out too soon they aren't getting the right amount of training before coming out altogether - just my logic kicking in again!
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Re: Goose eggs
« Reply #18 on: April 12, 2009, 09:33:15 am »
Hi all. Well they are all alive and seem to be doing ok. Moving around, eating and drinking. The weak little one seems to have splayed legs so have got them strpped up and it is managing to get around the box ok so fingers crossed!!! They all seem quite friendly at the moment - when i go and sit by the box they all come over and peck at my fingers and more especially my rings so hopefully they will stay like that. At least they don't hide in the corner when ever i go near like the slighty older ones i have got do!!

Have also now got a chicken that seems to have gone broody so need to go and sort out a home for her. If she seems to sit tight i'll give her some fertile eggs later in the week - i'll give her a couple of china eggs first tho!! I love this time of year!!!


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