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Author Topic: I've found the perfect saw horse!!  (Read 3472 times)


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I've found the perfect saw horse!!
« on: April 28, 2011, 11:17:04 pm »

Well, after much deliberation, I invested in a "smart log holder".

I've been using it all afternoon with an electric chainsaw (it would be no good with a handsaw unfortunately), and I have to say, it is nothing short of superb. The principle is best shown on their Youtube video, but basically the log is held cantilever style at one end, and the rest hangs in mid air so it can be cut.  It can be adjusted easily for different thicknesses of wood, and I've found it is best for logs between wrist thickness and leg thickness. If they are any lighter they tend not to hold properly in the jaws, and if any thicker, the sheer weight of the log is a bit much for the device, though I do think it would take a lot to break it.

For smaller logs, it is necessary to cut the short end upwards and the long end downwards to avoid the log kicking about (this will make sense if you watch the video), but for most general logging with a chainsaw, this is an incredible time saver, since you don't have to keep stopping to move the log along.

I should add that I bought the "smart log splitter" at the same time as part of a bundled deal.

This is basically a splitting wedge that slides up and down on a metal rod (as demonstrated at the end of the youtube video link above). You put your log on a chopping block, lift the splitting head onto it, and then raise and throw a captive striker at the head. Now, you must ignore the hype that says this is the only log splitter you'll ever need, but yes it is a very useful tool, particularly for splitting 'easy' logs, and for safe splitting of kindling. The captive splitting head is far safer than any sort of axe, and it eliminates the need to hold the wood whilst you go for it with the axe (i.e. no more risk of lost finger tips!). Simple mechanics means that this device does not pack as much of a punch as a decent splitting maul, but it does have the advantage of hitting the log in the same place every time, which means that it is more effective than you might think at first.

The main problem I had was drilling the hole for the rod absolutely vertical (this is critical to the operation), but I got it right on my third attempt! However, they do provide a wood spade of the correct diameter with the splitter, which is a nice touch.

Anyhow, I have no connection with the company etc, but I would definitely recommend both of these products as useful tools for smallholders. The key point for the holder is the sheer efficiency and time saving (must be at least 50% quicker than a conventional saw horse), and for the splitter, it's the improved safety when splitting kindling.


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Re: I've found the perfect saw horse!!
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2011, 08:10:28 am »
Thanks for that, my hubby spends ages looking at stuff like that on the internet, he bought a new saw now and would love that!!!


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