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Author Topic: New Sheep owner confused with rules regarding CPH and showing  (Read 218 times)


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New Sheep owner confused with rules regarding CPH and showing
« on: September 15, 2023, 11:47:00 am »

My son has found a love of sheep showing. We are now in the process of buying his own flock (starting very small)

He has been showing a neighbours sheep and would like to purchase some of theirs.

His sheep will stay on the owners CPH as they will be grazing on the owners land with their flock.

We seem to have come onto some stumbling blocks with regards the rules for entering sheep at shows and CPH numbers.

Each holding number can usually only enter two animals per class - this was fine this year as we only showed my neighbours sheep.  The problem now arrises if my son also wants to enter a sheep into a class where the land owner already has 2 entered.

I've called the CPH team and the APHA who are both not 100% sure on the questions i'm asking and I am awaiting a email back from them as they have said they're are so many grey areas and they want to check with managers.

I can get a CPH as we do have a little land but not enough grazing to keep sheep grazing year round. 

Then also comes the problem of transport.  I usually tow the caravan and my neighbour tows the livestock.  Is there a solution where they can be transported in the same trailer as some of our shows are 2/3/4 days long.

I thought I would ask on here as I wonder if anyone else has come into this situation and know if I can do this.




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