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Author Topic: damsels & dragons  (Read 1252 times)


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damsels & dragons
« on: September 04, 2023, 05:06:08 pm »
Just to share my delight at seeing so many damsel and dragon flies today in the centre of Cornwall's City.  We have the Fal running through the heart of Truro and the leats (various other channelled water streams).  I was loitering while the car was being re-shod and the waters were "covered" with damsels and dragons.  The damsels were both iridescent blue and copper coloured. The dragons were just too quick for me to really offer a description/s although body-stripiness was apparent. The 2 hours (!!!) that if took for my Dacia Duster to be reshod passed-by pleasantly enough with the addition of trout-watching. (The trout were not very big, but they were there and finding stuff to prey on on the surface !)

[Tyres:  I've gone for remould Insa Turbo Rangers this time round. I have noticed already a bit more road noise, but nothing that the radio cannot obscure. I'm hoping they will offer a bit more grip when the going gets slippery on the Fields.]

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Re: damsels & dragons
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2023, 09:55:10 pm »
This is currently my favourite topic  :love: .  We had lots and lots of Damselflies earlier this year in our pond, then a few weeks ago the Dragons started to appear: Emperors, male and female Southern Darters (the orangey ones you saw are probably male S Darters) and some large speckledy ones I've forgotten the names of (one of which laid a large number of eggs). The Emperors are green and enormous  8)  like a flying boot scraper  :o
Our pond was originally a koi pond but our large Koi were frozen before Christmas which meant there were no fish to predate larvae over winter.  We have put in new Koi and Goldfish this year but I think Damsel and Dragon numbers will be high enough now to keep larva numbers up.
One year we saw a Dragongfly nymph carrying a small froglet, amazing sight.
There is a second pond where the Damsel and Dragonflies have been laying eggs too, which has minnows in, so larvae and nymphs should be safe there

What a splendid sight you enjoyed [member=152775]arobwk[/member] in the centre of a city too  :wave:
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