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Author Topic: Introducing sheep to existing flock  (Read 686 times)


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Introducing sheep to existing flock
« on: May 19, 2023, 07:38:11 pm »
Two new sheep arriving (ewes) 1 with two lambs. Iím planning to keep them in a separate paddock for a quarantine period.. two weeks? Whatís the best way of introducing them to two existing sheep? 1 ewe and 1 assertive weather with horns?


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Re: Introducing sheep to existing flock
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2023, 09:51:50 pm »
Quarantine is a good idea; but before turning them out giving all incoming sheep a quarantine wormer (zolvix or startect) and keeping in for 48 hours is best, treating for scab too. Yes then at least 2 weeks separate field once theyíve had quarantine treatments.

As to mixing them, I tend to just turn all out together as long as they arenít rams (need careful introductions inside).


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Re: Introducing sheep to existing flock
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2023, 01:29:20 am »
We quarantine any newbies for 4 weeks, which gives time for oddities to show up, then we do as twizzel says and just put them together, especially as there are more than one in each group.  I would be wary of the wether though as they can be distinctly horrid and rough - keep an eye on him when they first go in together until they have settled. The lambs might help the process - all sheep love a lamb  :D
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