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Author Topic: Finally bought some land but not sure i done right thing in woodland?  (Read 9627 times)


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Re: Finally bought some land but not sure i done right thing in woodland?
« Reply #15 on: March 31, 2021, 01:58:46 pm »
Hi, Do you still own your woodland? Would you mind me sending you a private message to ask some questions :)


We been looking for a small plot of farm land for about 5 years and after going after 7 plots at auction and losing out on one 4acre plot we were buying and had rented for 12 months and spent thousands fencing etc only to be told owner didn't have a right to sell the field for legal reasons, we felt as though we,d never be able to own a small plot of land, Land prices around here as with most places have now hit astronomical prices, we went to last auction and a 4 acre plot of derelict unused in 5 years land that was half level and half steep sloping land went for 56,000  :o guide price was 15,000....... Long story short realising land prices are rising faster than I can save ive gone and got a foot on the ladder and bought 5 acres of beautifull woodland in a nice rural area 7 miles from home so local to me. But cant help but wonder if ive done the right thing, way I see it ive been unlucky over 5 years and have to be thankfull to have anything, I keep thinking what I can do smallholding wise with woodlands obviously I cant grow veg,s and keep most livestock, but can keep couple of pigs again and bee hives and chickens, plus have all the wood ill ever need for me log burner, but does anyone else have any better ideas on how to make the most from woodland with a smallholding mindset? thanks any advice from other woodland owners would be greatly appreciated....


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