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Author Topic: 5 Bed Semi Detached Smallholding with Pool, Land & Modest Egg & Log Sales, M25  (Read 5151 times)


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Hi forum
I've had 50 chickens on my near-2 acre plot just within the M25 near Redhill, Surrey, and modest log sales from the woods, and am packing it in after 25 years.
Its way too big for a 'normal' person - estate agents have no idea how to market such a thing - and i'd be left with the small matter of 50 chickens! If anyone fancies a challenge or knows someone that does please share the link. It must surely be the cheapest two acres in Surrey (with a five bedroom house on it!)
thanks, Jack


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Jack - I love the way you've described your house and the life you've led there. Something tells me that Countrywide wouldn't have done it justice ;-)

Good luck with the sale! :thumbsup:
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Jack it looks amazing and an excellent buy. But you really do need to market it properly for maximum audience to get a sale.
I would up the price (you can always come down!) to cover an estate agent's commission and get it with a decent agent on rightmove. You need the world to see it in order to get a sale  - not a few select people on here and on an obscure website, that many have never heard of.
  You also need a "For Sale" board outside. Did you know that up to 33% of buyers find their dream house by driving round the area in which they would like to live? it  may be a negative point to you that you are 400 yards from the motorway, but may be a positive factor to someone else who otherwise would not be able to afford to live in your area. By the way - I think you're far too cheap. A property like that, with 2 acres,  in the Golden Triangle of Yorkshire, would fetch about £750K! And Surrey is in another league altogether.
The agent will describe it however you want, but I'm pretty sure your description and photos will be enough to sell it. I would however, get them to put a floor plan on.
Do not choose the cheapest agent, or even the nearest. Look at the ads of some local ones and see if they appeal to you. Some will then clearly stand out as having no idea about how to market a house, as opposed to merely having it listed for sale. Examples of crap marketing are an unattractive photo of the front. You get one chance to make a first impression but so many agents take a full on picture showing only the extent of the front wall, with door and windows. By not standing back a bit and taking it sideways they may miss out the attractive front garden or the pleasant tree lined street, which immediately puts the house in a pleasant setting. Other common faults are pics of the bathroom/ en suite etc with toilet seat up and/or towels all over, stuff all over the kitchen surfaces, 3 photos of the same boring room that had nothing about in the 1st photo, and didn't look better in either of the other 2. If the agent is not sufficiently passionate enough to only show features that will attract the potential buyer to at least come and look at the property, then he's not going to put his all (limited though it may be) into selling it. 
 You may have gathered by this that I am into property and have learnt a lot over the past 40 years. I have used the same agent for the past 10 years and he is brilliant and passionate about property. When marketing he always puts the price as "offers over £x,000" and the last 2 properties we have actually achieved more than than asking price.
Another reason for using an agent is that it gives credibility to your asking price and also cushions you from the stupid offers that some people will start with. It is  easy to take offence and fall out with someone over an insulting offer, when that person could end up ok after all and be the one to buy it.
Anyway, good luck with the sale. It's a lovely house.
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Landroverroy - you sound very knowledgable.  I thought Greenshifters is quite a well known property site - but I suppose, Jack,  it could go on Country Life; Country Properties, or UK Land and Farms

I agree that it's worth spending the money on a good agent when the property is in that price bracket.  Like you, I've bought and sold proerty quite a bit and always made a profit when moving home.

I'm constantly gobsmacked at the price of land near London and the Home Counties - we bought 24acres of top quality land and a lovely picture book cottage in North East Scotland in 1994 for a tenth of that. (and I sold it 10 years later for two and a half times that)

Good luck Jack, it's a beautiful place
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Thanks for your advice guys.
Some years ago I had some estate agents round and they valued it much like Zoopla ie laughably high.
The thing is that this is two acres - that rules out normal people. When we bought it the estate agent admitted the size of the 'garden' was a problem/liability!!!!
I may eventually put it up for auction/estate agent but for now if dodgy pics puts people off then they wouldn't buy it anyway. The person buying this will be like me - huge house huge garden, near London , easy to commute - all the rest is shrapnel!
I bet you all a virtual pint that the person who buys this would not have been found by an estate agent!
Right, off to check the chickens!


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I have no idea of the London /South housing market living up in the North East but again think you could probably ask for a bit more. With that price I would imagine it would sell quite quickly but I would get it put on rightmove.

Over the last 6 months or so I have looked at a lot of houses as we looked for our next house. One of the biggest things was a larger garden/land. With our budget and need for a mortgage we couldn’t get anything massive BUT even up here where there is generally more space, a large plot of land/ garden is hard to come by.

With lockdown I think a lot more people are going to want space and will want to move out of flats/town houses with small yards.


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Remember too Jack, that anything with a lot more land than just 2 acres can't get a residential mortgage. it may need an agricultural one.  So your house is at a premium.  You aren't teh only person wanting a managable area - you can do Definitely take better photos inside and out and do your own brochure.  I've done that every time and it's worked
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thanks again guys.
>worth a bit more..... a semi will put some off, the motorways will put some off, and while in my day 'in need of modernisation' was sought after, now that is a minus even with a discount.Snowflakes.
   I'm not really so desperate to sell that i want queues of people coming round tyrekicking at £750k when done up it'd be worth £950k!
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