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Re: Pet hates
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I think if all you give out is your first name and postcode when running a holiday cottage and camping site then something is not right. all my neighbours are sick of it. We now have no entry signs up. One guy came up out farm road looking for them and gave us a nouthful as he had scraped the bottom of his car on our road. We had a German guy in a motor home drive up and park for the night. he was not happy to be told he was in the wrong place. We have asked in a nice way can they not give out a map to their place to be told why don't we put up a sign pointing to their place. I think having one at your own site would be a better idea.

Yes, you have to think there's something dodgy going on there, (as with our neighbour who took down the signpost, and won't let others along the same track put up their own). They must be advertising somewhere, so can you find out from the next stray where they got their info and see just what they say in the original advert?  I used to get really annoyed at delivery drivers coming to my door to ask for directions to places down the track, but then I realised it's hardly their fault they can't find the place and now I suggest, after giving them directions, that they ask at their destination for better signage.  Not that that has made any difference  ::)   
In fact a sign saying ~ 'camp site 100yds on right' might be giving in to them, but would make your own life much easier.  You never know, they might even put it up themselves...

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Pet hates

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