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Author Topic: Just when you think you've seen it all... the things I do for these nags!  (Read 680 times)


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OK so having had nags for most of my life, my 20 something late gelded boy (was in his teens when he was "retired" from stud) was looking a wee bit swollen around his sheath at the weekend.  He's the only one of my oldies not wearing a fly rug as he's totally immune to sweet itch!  In fairness, he's built like a tank and totally immune to most things - except vets... he's terrified of vets!  So much so, that for several years, I paid the vet to come out, stand in the corner of the corral scaring him by signing his vaccination card, whilst I injected him without him noticing!

Anyway, that sets the scene.  I decided I better have a look at what was going on and see if he needed a sheath clean, so on with the rubber gloves and when I stuck my hand in I could feel a huge solid lump of gunk... which came out with a gentle pull.  Great, but then followed the blood and the pus!  Oh my, he must have had one hell of an abscess up there... I got my hand in and found the lump again so started to squeeze and felt a couple of pops and out shoots what I can only describe as granulated pus.  At least it was "clean looking" pus and didn't smell bad (well no worse than what usually comes out of a healthy sheath anyway).  All this time he's standing with his leg up and out to let me get in there and looking like I'm doing him the greatest favour ever by "scratching his itch" for him.  So I spent a good ten or fifteen minutes squeezing scratching and generally doing the sort of things that really oughtn't to be discussed in polite company until I'm sure the inside of the sheath is clean and all I'm getting is a good run of clean blood.

Out with the salt water to give it a good rinse - he's still happy enough (somewhat bizarrely, I was expecting the lifted foot to take aim and kick me out of the park at some point, but no).  However, I'm then trying to work out what I can put up there to keep the flies away and stop any infection....  He then decides, he's had enough and it's getting sore so I'm not allowed to go near it for a while.

Back to it tonight and there was a little more pus came out and he was happy for me to have a good root about up there again.  The abscess hole is probably about the size of a 10p piece so it must have been horrendously sore before it burst and given the gunk I've got out of there it must have been festering for a little while too.  I've managed to get it all cleaned out again and this time I've got some iodine on cotton wool and given the actual abscess a good soaking of that... hopefully that will help clean up any remaining gunk and start the healing process.

I can't make out what caused it originally though as it's not in a place where the smegma would gather or an irritation would have naturally formed.  I can only guess that he's had something get in there while he was lying down that's either bitten or stung him! 

Anyway, he's not running a temperature and is bright enough, so hopefully there's no harm done.  I'll keep an eye on him for a few days in case he needs antibiotics but fingers crossed it'll heal of its own accord now.  Having liberally wiped iodine on his belly around the outside of his sheath, the flies decided to disappear tonight so that was a positive outcome too and should stop any fresh infection. 

The only downside was realising I should have used the shoulder length glove not the wrist glove with the iodine... I now look like I've got one hell of a bruise fading on my arm - and a soak in the bath with the scrubbing brush hasn't removed it completely... so do I wipe the rest of me over with an iodine soaked cloth to look like I've got a tan (oompah loompa alert), or do I just accept sympathy from anyone who notices the arm???

Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical and expecting more than others think is possible.

Rupert the bear

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I can’t give a like,more of a funny for the iodine stain ,been there  :-\
But well done to the lad for his tolerance,and to you of course


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Quick update:  I had a good look at the outside of his sheath last night and it looks like there's a puncture mark in roughly the right area that's scabbed over and healed so whatever it was that bit or stung him was on the outside.  It must have been deep for the abscess to have gone into and through the sheath rather than bursting externally though.  It's a jungle out there!
Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical and expecting more than others think is possible.


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