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Author Topic: What should I feed wethers?  (Read 267 times)


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What should I feed wethers?
« on: June 24, 2019, 10:10:32 pm »
Five months old wethers who I am keeping as pets.
I have all round goat mix:
And am feeding about 17 oz a day.

I also have the caprivite angora, but the calcium to ph ratio is a bit worrying, and some have told me to stop using it.

Am using a yellow Rocky at the moment but am going to get a red instead.

Am I doing anything wrong? I’m worried about the calculi. Should I stop using the caprivite? Lessen the feed?

They are also having hay and are free to go out on the fields.
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Re: What should I feed wethers?
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2019, 10:59:43 pm »
As these are still growing I would feed some concentrate, and Allen & Page All round goat mix is probably as good as any, if a bit pricey... but if you only have two it also doesn't make much difference. The best way to prevent urinary calculii is to make sure the boys drink - I give all my goats warm water and replenish with fresh warm water at least twice a day. If you live in a hard water area putting a small slurp of cider vinegar into their water also helps, though I have found that my boys don't really like it. You can also add ammonium chloride (just a sprinkle I understand) to their feed, though I have never done this. Feed for rams/tups often has this added already, and may be a cheaper option to feed to them anyway. If they have a red rockie they should be ok for Copper as well.

I have no idea how much 17 oz is... mine get a handful three times a day. But also browsings, fresh grass, some Readigrass in winter. Wethers kept as pets don't need to have continued feeds of concentrate once they have stopped growing, as they will tend to grow fat.
It probably all sounds a bit confusing at the moment, but you will learn as you go along.


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Re: What should I feed wethers?
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2019, 11:19:09 pm »
I feed my breeding males 16% lamb finisher approx 500g per day split into 2 feeds( winter). If they are in good condition I dilute protein level down with oats and sugar beet and lots of forage. Pet wethers I would give less concentrates and gauge how much on their condition. and as they need copper they have access to red and yellow rockies.  I also do a vit min with copper drench now and again. Most important is forage (and variety of it)  hay grazing branches etc. winter hay swedes carrots sugar beet, grass chops. Also important is fresh water.
f your wethers are pet only, very little concentrates is needed. Lamb finisher /creep /mix is designed for males it has ammonium chloride added to help prevent urinary calculli and can be fed to females.  You can buy ammonium chloride separate to add.
Giving them some goat mix is fine as long as not too much as they probably don t need it. Really only need plenty forage, rockies for minerals. Some people add seaweed minerals or beef minerals (not cow- female specific) some veg eg carrots swedes etc. just as good as a treat.  I know someone who gives their wethers ascorbic acid(vit c) tablet every day prescribed by vet to help prevent urinary calculli. Sugar beet is fine for males some people get confused and say not to feed to males but it is the beet leaves that cause problems in male not the sugar beet. Another point never feed ewe mix /nuts to males as this will cause issues.


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