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Author Topic: Is it more Expensive to Apply for retrospective Planning ...?  (Read 858 times)


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Is it more Expensive to Apply for retrospective Planning ...?
« on: November 26, 2018, 06:09:51 pm »

Can anyone tell me if it is more expensive to apply for retrospective planning applications than a normal planning application...? I ask this as I have some sheds on my land and they come in at around 74sq meters i  total. I called planning they said place them all on one application and it would be cheaper I gave them the sizes and they told me it would be £96 for agricultural.

The land itself is Hosriculture but I did apply to have this changed to Agriculture before the planning application went in and it is suppose to take 10 days a month later it still wasn't changed. So I applied online and the price came in at £96 plus admin fee total £116

Then I receive another email saying that they want another £366 of me I asked why as I received letter saying change of use come under permitted development and therefore does not need planning.

I asked them why they want the extra money and I explained I had the paper work saying that it did not need planning for change of use to agriculture and that I had already applied but had heard nothing back...? Still haven't ..? They said they need to do more investigation and I never heard anything except for the last week and just found the email in my spam folder.

Which states “ I refer to my prevues correspondence relating to development.

To date which I have not received your response…?”

 But they where the ones doing more investigation and I was waiting for them to get back to me...?

They have amended my planning application so it looks like the sheds where used for Hosiculture and that I am changing their use to agriculture, but they have never been used for this anything to do with horses..? They are in a part of a field that is more for argriculture that I had polly tunnel, chickens, goats, geese etc and 2 of the sheds are not totally finished, little things to do, but not much.

I would just like to no is it because they think I am changing the use of the sheds that they are trying to charge me more money..? The sheds are totally capable of being taken down in hour or so each.

I would rather do this than let them rip me off and then change use of land after I complain about the time it has took to do it of course then apply for planning at the price of £96 and it must be that they do not know what they are all talking about in same office as they are saying you will have to speak to so and so ...? why do you not no the answers, you work in same department.

I don't mind taking them down and replying winter is here and work is slow so a day taking them down will not hurt me.

I am not going to be extorted for the sake of a couple of sheds that they and the online portal said should be £96 for the application.

Any thoughts welcome Thanks



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Re: Is it more Expensive to Apply for retrospective Planning ...?
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2018, 08:43:41 am »
Good morning.
First of all I would not do anything to them,yet.  I would gather as much evidence as possible from google earth, adverts, facebook and everything else to prove how long they have been there and what they have been used for.
 Planning departments are like a snake pit, its best to be cautious. If you can afford a good planning advisor that works in you area, I would use one. In the mean time withdraw your application until you have taken advice, because they like to say no. You can resubmit it when you have all your evidence.
  There are no rates to pay on agricultural buildings,  if they are trying to class it as horsey culture you could get rated. I would buy some livestock and put them in the sheds.
  If you google you can find lots of forums on planning and also the actual regulations the planning department use, or should use.


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Re: Is it more Expensive to Apply for retrospective Planning ...?
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2018, 11:40:07 am »
Thankyou for the advice, I am totally thinking about pulling the application the thing is they haven't changed the land to agriculture and I am trying to follow the rules, but I do have my holding number. My only worry is where I can keep the animals if they make me take the sheds down I do have own that would be perfect for animals.

I had lots of goats 5 sheep and geese, ducks etc the fox took a liking to those. I can get the sheep back on I have chickens. I am now on look out for other animal.

The fact they just changed my planning application is beyond me to what they think it should be.

The extra charge is extortion and the place has never been used for Horses except one which is in field in summer and stabled else where while I sort thing out.

I am only having trouble sorting it all out because I started a new business which is now doing well, but not quite there yet and now winter has kicked in. I no you say stick animals in there but it is still classed as hosriculture.

I do have lots of images of the goats in there pens, the sheep, geese and chickens but I took the pens down to revamp the place and make it look nicer as I am a joiner and it was looking a bit ruff. It just so happens they come after I moved the animals and removed pens.

I also had to put new fencing and other sheds are just so I can keep the birds together and for the breeding of the poultry. There is one shed for feed hay straw nothing big. One shed for tool store steel lock boxes and wood store and place to build and maintain the animal shelters.

Like I say I can take the sheds down if it comes to it and put them back up as and when the animals come back onto the land as at the moment I only have the chickens on there.

I think I will pull the application and fill the place with animals.

Also the images took on iPhone actually gives all the information on meta date of time, date, area it was taken etc and the sheds have not been used for horses or anything do with horses. As there as been none on there except the one I have in my field and is stabled else where

Thanks for your reply


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Re: Is it more Expensive to Apply for retrospective Planning ...?
« Reply #3 on: November 27, 2018, 04:51:14 pm »
Craiglang - in answer to your question - no retrospective planning is not more expensive. I have an application in at the moment.
However, some (but not all) planning officers appear to be deliberately obtuse, and some cannot even get their facts right and seem to lack the professional expertise you would expect. For that reason I would strongly recommend you get in an experienced planning professional to sort things out for you. It is well worth spending the extra few hundred pounds this may cost you to get things done properly.
By planning professional I mean someone that has a history of successes, not just someone who calls themselves a professional. Google the name and you will find out what planning applications they have been involved in, and how many have been passed in your area.
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  for the guidance of wise men
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Re: Is it more Expensive to Apply for retrospective Planning ...?
« Reply #4 on: November 27, 2018, 07:36:31 pm »
If the shed have been there for a long time, and they are agricultural you do not need planning. When they were up they probably didn't even need permitted development.
  We bought a disused dairy farm with half an acre of shed, they are like Russian doll, sheds layer over sheds. My husband is tidy but I have been very careful that while we re tin them, there is covered cattle shed, that we knock nothing down and now I have calves to move back in to them.
   As long as you do not supply extra feed in the field to a horse, it remains agricultural land.
 You do not say how much acreage there is but that may affect what you want to do in the future.


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Re: Is it more Expensive to Apply for retrospective Planning ...?
« Reply #5 on: November 29, 2018, 02:37:27 pm »
craiglang:  While you are trying to move forward, you have ended-up in another confusing exchange with the planners that is obviously making life difficult for you!  I'm beginning to think you really should consider whether your budget can stretch to engaging a local planning advisor (who will be familiar with your planning authority) to sort everything out for you!
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