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Author Topic: odd milk  (Read 2486 times)


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odd milk
« on: August 26, 2022, 09:49:32 pm »
i took on what i thought was a weather and his sister yesterday. i planned to breed her to my buckling later in this year to milk next year.
wrong! shes already in milk. joy! by the looks of it she didnt kid long ago. no signs of the kids. shocker with the state of the animals there (sooo thin, a lot of goats on a small amount of land).
well, i was told she was just fat thats why she was slightly bagged up.
the thin goats fatty udder produced 1pt of milk last night and another pint today!
the milk is yellowish and watery. it almost looks like yellowy milk and whey rather than just milked goats milk.

im planning to speak to my vet in the morning. but, thought someone on here might know if im being silly or not
we drink milk raw so nervous giving it to my kids just incase.



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Re: odd milk
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2022, 05:29:52 pm »
Don't drink this stuff!

She may have kidded, and then got mastitis - is the udder soft and pliable, any redness, hard lumps etc?

She may also have developed an udder as a goatling - though usually a thin goatling will not have enough reserves to do that. Then if she has not been milked before (it is generally advised not to touch a goatling's udder other than to make sure she has not mastitis), this is the "milk" in the process of being re-absorbed by the body. You may have opened up her teats now, and now need to make sure she does not get an infection in her udder.

I would be very concerned about a very thin goatling - they should be plump and ready to be mated, without being fat. BUt if she did kid, she may be quite thin. I struggle not to get my goatlings fat, as do pedigree breeders in general. She may well be too thin to be mated this autumn....

Is this a registered goat and did you buy her un-seen? Does she have a CAE certificate and is the herd tested for Johne's?

Please get a vet to examine her.

If you want to reply by private message rather than on the open forum that is fine.


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Re: odd milk
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2022, 03:49:54 pm »
trust me i had absolutely no intention of drinking the stuff. it was vile.
i spoke to the vet who said she has a phantom pregnancy and has toxic mastits. hes put her on anti biotics and an anti inflamitory. she i snow eating, as is her brother thankfully.
ive just ordered a new drench to worm them.
both goats weight concerns me tbh.all bar 1 goat looked thin where i got them from tbh.

they so say came from a tested herd. im getting them tested. ive emailed the vets to book them in asap. im getting all tests done. im supposed to bring in 2 new goats. im loathed to until i know these 2 wont pass anything on.
the 2 are being kept i isolation. im being very careful to diswenfect myself after i go in and do anything just incase.
im not breeding her this year. she needs a year to recover from what ever this is and just feel better. she needs to be able to be a 2 year old goat.

they both started eating their goat mix yesterday thankfully and their hay.

ill be glad when the tests come back for them both.


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