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Author Topic: Advice needed  (Read 2526 times)


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Advice needed
« on: February 17, 2011, 01:50:10 pm »
Hi all, I am going to have a look a some goats at the weekend, have not kept goats before so quite excited, I have asked some question like what breed and how old and if they have paperwork etc but need a bit of advice on other things
These are an Angolan X nanny 5 years and her two nanny kids 6 months both weaned, got photos and they look lovely, they have a price in mind but I have no idea how much I should be paying for them, any help appreciated. Bear in mind we are in the South and not a particularly smallholding area, more large arable or livestock farms!


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Re: Advice needed
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2011, 04:10:08 pm »
 Happy to help - give me a ring on  01647 231456  this evening after 7pm.

You are right to be cautious because with all the new regulations, it is very easy to fall foul of the law now.

I can suggest questions that need to be asked before you go and see them - it might save a great deal of heartache later.



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Re: Advice needed
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2011, 04:52:25 pm »
Hi Jane

Thanks for the reply, I have to go out at 6.45 (typical) so wont be able to call tonight, any other time suitable?


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Re: Advice needed
« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2011, 05:47:20 pm »
Try during the day tomorrow, Friday.  Leave a message if no answer.  Otherwise Friday evening.
My lot start kidding on March 3rd so trying to get a number of jobs done before !!!!


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Re: Advice needed
« Reply #4 on: February 17, 2011, 09:16:16 pm »
Sorry, what are Angolan X goats? Do you mean Anglo Nubians? Just curious....


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Re: Advice needed
« Reply #5 on: February 18, 2011, 07:57:02 pm »
good housing, good fencing and a good routine x

i have a draught proof airy wooden shed (12' x 24') that can be locked at night and is partitioned to house two pairs, but i coudl fit more in, except I have  a big hen coup in there with them at the moment,

fencing, I have combination of sheep wire/electric & post n rail - but they can wriggle under the post n rail  ::)

i have horses, so I am tied to a routine anyway, so the goats fit in ok with the horses routine; fed & turned out am, brought in if it rains, otherwsie brought in with the horses in the afternoon, fed, groomed/general hugging time :-*, then fed again at about 9pm (only if they need more hay)


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