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Title: Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Breeders Association Centenary 2020
Post by: Rosemary on August 15, 2019, 03:09:30 pm
Next year, the Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Breeders Association will be celebrating a centenary with a series of events.  We have many events planned throughout the year.
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[/color]On the 30th August 2019 At Monmouthsire Livestock Market is the main Annual show and sale. [/size]
[/color]Held by Mr Lyndon Trumper of Straker Chadwicks. Many people will be thinking ahead to next year competitions and hopefully spending wisely! Always a great turn out of sheep. [/size]
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[/color]An open day will be held in Hampshire on the 6th June 2020. [/size]
[/color]We have an open day planned at the Jervoise flock, Hampshire. This is the oldest flock in the country currently and holds a lot of history within the breed. The Llanover estate, flock is the second oldest. More details to follow. [/size]
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[/color]The Centenary will be holding a special one off competition. The Centenary flock of the year award. [/size]
[/color]There will be cash prizes and a special trophy. Every year the society hold a flock of the year award, where each flock can gain points in classes at nominated shows. For the centenary year only, the nominated point shows will be, Smallholders show, Bath and West show, Three Counties Show, the Royal Welsh, Brecon and the last opportunity to gain points will be at the centenary show, where the award will be presented. [/size]
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[/color]The society are holding a special, one off show on the 8th August 2020.[/size]
[/color]It will be held at the RWAS, there will be several different classes held through the day. [/size]
[/color]There will be everything from novice classes, young handler classes, wool on the hoof, commercial and pedigree, raffles, the presentations of the Centenary flock of the year award competition. [/size]
[/color]There are many different sponsorship packages for this event. Many different companies, charities and stall holders will be attending. There will be handmade products from the Black Welsh Mountain Wool, and lots to see and do throughout the day. [/size]
[/color]A something for every one type of event. There will be food, music & camping. Everyone, young and old can get involved. [/size]
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[/color]The main show and sale again held on the 28th August 2020 at the Monmouthshire Livestock Centre. This will be a very special day. 
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[/color]A second open day will be held on the 13th September 2020 at the Wenallt Flock in Brecon. Ed Williams & family. They have won flock of the year many times and contributed very much to the breed over the years.[/size]
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[/color]Centenary Dinner will be held on the 3rd October 2020 at the Celtic Royal Hotel Caernafon. An auction will also be held at this event. More details to follow.[/size]
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[/color]We have lots of things planned! The main aim is to get as many people around the country involved to show case the centenary achievement and to promote this fantastic, versatile and prolific native breed, both on a pedigree and commercial basis, to the hobby farmer through to the commercial. [/size]
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Kind regards[/color]Donna Evans, Cefn Flock, Abergavenny.[/size]
[/color]Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Breeders Society. [/size]
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