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Author Topic: aldi chansaw review  (Read 2753 times)


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aldi chansaw review
« on: April 28, 2015, 11:39:53 am »
The guy that helps me out part time bought one of these last year and it's had heavy use with only a few problems.. mainly related to him snapping the choke system. But when he decided to fix it it wasn;t an issue to get the spare parts. It was under guarabtee but the nuisance of sending it off compared to the cheap spares meant he DIY'd the fix.

I used to own a stihl 250. A good saw but sometimes a biatch to start. then I needed to do some heavy cutting and traded it in for a stihl 400 series. Now that's a big saw. Starts easy with the decomprssion button and cuts like a dream.. but it is heavy for using any length of time. I also own a stihl pole saw - a very handy bit of kit.

Now I only mention those so folk understand that while I'm just an amateur I have had some modest chainsaw experience.

Anyway i decided to buy Aldi's latest offering. At the price it's a lot of saw. I got it on thursday and have used it daily since. For butchering weed trees and helping clear some rough ground and recover some fruit trees swamped by brambles and stuff.. and prune their low broken branches it's taken everything. i've thrown at it. It's light, cuts nicely as you'ld expect with an oregan bar and chain and starts easily.

I'm not so happy with the chain cover having the brake incororated and it is a fiddle to assemble that while tryng to hold the bar and chain at the same time. Something that should get better with practice. The external chain tensioner is a nicety but also takes a bit of getting used to - but saves hunting for a spanner. What i do like is that it has a priming bulb and user adjustable oil flow. And with a 3 year warranty it's darned good for the money.


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Re: aldi chansaw review
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2015, 01:25:32 pm »
You got any more info ? Ie cc,hp lenght of sword ??? Ph and a picie ?


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Re: aldi chansaw review
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2015, 01:42:29 pm »
It's last thursdays special buy and not shown on their site... but likely still in stock in many branches.  41cc and if memory serves an oregon 91 bar which is low kickback. No piccy handy from me .. might be on aldi site still? And if i understand correcty it's branded gardenline but made by einhel??
.. guesstimate a 14/15in bar (without going back to the barn). Green coloured plastics if that matters.


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