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Author Topic: Looking for a new home with grazing  (Read 3361 times)


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Looking for a new home with grazing
« on: July 22, 2018, 10:18:03 pm »
I placed this post in Land Management but not sure it's the right place for it.  So I'm trying this forum as well.

My wife and I are looking for a new and permanent home to rent here in Scotland.  We have 3 horses and a doggie.  We had two but Frodo, our golden retriever, passed away very recently.

 I am sort of retired.  I mean I am now on my pension but I am very active, probably more so now.  I collect, slice and dice my own Winter wood, trim my horses hooves myself and turn my hand to DIY and repairs when the need arises. I am a graphic and web designer by profession and still keep my hand in, but do it just for pleasure now. My wife teaches Natural Horsemanship and you can see more of what she does at her website -  This is her life vocation.  We are both passionate about animals and particularly horses.

We are looking for a modest 2 bedroom cottage in a remote location with hill, heather, den and burn. Shelley travels to teach and I keep the home fires burning, so to a speak.

We have lived in Moray, Mull and Perthshire.  We would like to get closer to the sea if possible and are looking anywhere, but given a choice and broadly speaking, north of the Cairngorms.  We don't need a vast amount of grazing but 4 acres or a little more would be good so we can perhaps grow and harvest our own hay requirement.  We are used to hill water and wood burning stoves, dirt tracks and uncultivated ground.  Our horses are draft and hardy and have lived their lives outdoors all year round.

We have been in our present cottage for nearly 10 years but really want to move.  Although it is beautiful here there are certain things that we've got used to but now want to change.  I know my landlord will provide a good reference if needed.

Hope this gives you a reasonably clear picture of us and our circumstances all-be-it brief.  We are more than willing to travel if anything come up that fits.  Do hope there is something out there for us.  We know how difficult it is to find rentable facilities but we stay upbeat and hopeful that fate will continue to lead us to the right place.  Hope you can help.


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Re: Looking for a new home with grazing
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2018, 07:02:40 pm »
Hi @marknc.  I was doing some idle forum browsing and noticed your post had not drawn any replies.  Unfortunately, I can be no help to you what so ever, but I was wondering whether you had found anything since your July post.  Would be nice to hear if you have managed to make any progress with your search.


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Re: Looking for a new home with grazing
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2018, 07:06:17 pm »
I wish you luck as I would dearly love a smaller house with more than just the acre I have now.  Just so I don't have to drive my dogs to an exercise area, and have less upkeep. 

Two bedrooms and 4 or 5 acres have been almost impossible to find to date.  :'( :'( :'(
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