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Title: Delfland Organic Nursery
Post by: Anke on January 18, 2022, 05:45:11 pm
I have just received the most recent newsletter from Delflands Organic Nursery, where I have bought(usually very good quality and organic) small veg plants and plugs over the years, and it seems they have stopped to deliver to individuals and now are only doing trade orders.

This is just to inform anyone who has been buying plants from them as well to get their skates on and sow the likes of aubergines and peppers now, and also want to ask can people recommend any alternative (small) UK based companies that sell (preferably) organic plants or plugs. I know that Dobies and the like do it, but from what I heard apout the quality (a few years ago now) was not great. I am trying our local garden centre, but sadly they haven't been organic for over a decade now..., and the quality and selection is not always brilliant.

I am particularly interested in the likes of aubergines, cucumbers and some weird chilli/pepper plants.

I am hoping by not putting this into any of the "gardening" catergories this post will see more readers, but if Admin feels that this is not the right place, please move to wherever it is better placed.