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Author Topic: Planning permission for a mobile home on our smallholding  (Read 6278 times)


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Planning permission for a mobile home on our smallholding
« on: June 27, 2016, 11:08:31 am »
Hi everyone. We brought a 7.3 acre field last year so we could expand our smallholding hobby. We have hebridean sheep, boer goats, chickens and we have just started with pigs too. We started producing meat for our own consumption but last year we had enough surplus to start selling to the public. We would like to set up a proper business selling rare breed lamb and goat meat, going into rare breed pork in a year or so. To do that we would need to live on site, at least at lambing/kidding time (I have 2 children and the field is in the next village from where we live so I can't leave them to check on the animals in the night). I have (finally after a 3 month wait!) spoken to South Derbyshire Council about this and they have said our best bet is go for an agricultural tie (the field is outside the development zone) so we would have to prove the business could not exist without us being on site. Has anyone got any ideas how we could do this? Thanks


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Re: Planning permission for a mobile home on our smallholding
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2016, 12:55:20 pm »
This is exactly what we are doing.

You will need to prove that the care of animals (or certain plants) needs your presence on site year round.
Sheep generally don't count because of seasonal lambing. Pigs do, cattle could but you'd need a hell of a lot more land for it to be viable. Don't know about goats but guess you can do year round kidding.

After that need is satisfied you need to prove you can earn an agricultural minimum wage, believed to be somewhere around 18k, potentially with a % on top for servicing a mortgage for a house build and potentially a % return on investment on the land.

There is some debate that councils should be less concerned about the financial/profit aspect, instead looking for businesses that are merely 'sustainable'
But i'm not sure many councils are fully utilising the NPPF yet and are instead still refering to older legislation.

I will advise that it is very hard work. We both currently work full time but i'm looking to go part time with my office job in the next 6 months so we can cope/expand.


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Re: Planning permission for a mobile home on our smallholding
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2016, 01:42:44 pm »
Greenbeast sums it up quite well, thought the turnover amount was a bit less but its there if you take into account emergencies ect.

Sounds like you have a sound plan sell meet direct and keep profit margins up.
Looks like a few of us have same goal, i opted to go down the route of getting the bis into a good profit before even attempting any residential planning.
You will only get planning for a caravan for 3 years so if you were to apply now and you were given the opportunity of 3 years temporary permission for mobile home you would have to make that turnover in the 3 years fail and its game over.

Best route imo is build bis up without applying for residential permission, you are allowed to stay odd nights for welfare if its a genuine farming enterprise.
At kidding time you are allowed to stay on site in a temporary mobile home for the season which you have to remove after season is over.
You can use a existing building or a additional caravan for human shelter and occasional stays, be sure to record any conversations if you get a visit from planning dept.

They may try telling you you can not stay on site or have above but you can, but never mention residential use just its in connection with welfare incidents

My plans were stalled by council taking out a enforcement notice because my council would not allow any night time visits or any furniture.
At the enforcement appeal the planning inspector said it was exceptable for me to have kitchen units,sink,full size cooker,full size fridge freezer,table chairs,settee , boiler and radiators throughout the building.

Once you get to a decent turn over then get some advice and put in for temporary permission for mobile home for 3 years, that will give you another 3 years before you have to show full viability.
The council will get a planning agent to look over your plan and books before any permission and they will do best to throw obstacles in your way
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Re: Planning permission for a mobile home on our smallholding
« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2016, 03:18:18 pm »
You may have an easier time if you do ramp up things to profitability ahead of applying for planning but for us, even living in the next village was getting hard. It's not just the travelling to and fro 2-3 times a day, we just wouldn't have had anywhere to put our walk in chiller or have a proper packing room and storage for all our fair/show/catering equipment.

We had a delay of 6 months after being granted temp permission before we actually moved on, just the very nature of creating a track and hardstanding, buying and siting a caravan, building kennels and cattery and storage sheds for business and belongings, we daren't have bothered before we got permission, it would have a been a big gamble. But now we're here we are cracking on well. My OH reckons 3 years shouldn't be a  problem.
There have been instances of extensions if you are making genuine attempts and progress.
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Re: Planning permission for a mobile home on our smallholding
« Reply #4 on: June 29, 2016, 05:07:40 pm »
Hi Greenbeast what part of country are you in ?
Some councils are more helpful than others
May be odd extension but i am quite sure i saw it says only in very exceptional circumstances
In fact planning inspector told me i would never get one

He really put my council in their place even saw through a couple of lies.
Keep us informed how you are going its great for people to see  people succeed

Found this enforcement appeal while i was dealing with mine
Shows you need not be afraid of over active council planning departments
planning inspectors are human
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Re: Planning permission for a mobile home on our smallholding
« Reply #5 on: June 29, 2016, 09:24:04 pm »
We're in East Sussex.
They have not been overly disruptive here, we had a few niggles with permitted development early on and our planning app went to committee because the parish council initially voted against us.
But the app went through committee fine and here we are.


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