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Worming sheep

We weaned the ewe lambs on 4th September, amid a bit of baaing. Kept in the paddock next to their mums, they all settled down. Because we have small numbers, running lots of…

DiaryLivestock / SheepSaturday 17 September, 2011


Winter can be tough on our wildlife, and it's an important time to support them with things like bird feeders and shelter. Although many species hunker down and wait out the…

OnlineshowHome & Garden / WildlifeTuesday 29 January, 2013


I love our kittens because...

they take their worm tablets wrapped in a little bit of cheese, like dogs.…

DiaryPets / CatsMonday 1 February, 2010



Weeds such as thistles, docks, ragwort and nettles can be a problem in grassland. They are generally unpalatable and unp…

ArticleSmallholding / Grassland managementWednesday 21 December, 2011


Introduction to grassland management

This is not intended to be a bible of grassland management, but we hope it will be useful for those starting out in smal…

ArticleSmallholding / Grassland managementSaturday 10 September, 2011


Back in 2009 we had some TAS badges produced so that fellow TASers could identify each other at smallholding events without needing to resort to pink carnations in buttonholes…

OnlineshowTAS / Anything goesThursday 21 June, 2012


It's spring time! Everything's starting to bud and blossom, the lambs, kids, calves and chicks are arriving, and the clocks have changed. It's an uplifting time of year. With…

OnlineshowSmallholding / Anything goesMonday 31 March, 2014


Lambing box

Two weeks prior to the start of lambing is also the time to get the lambing box together. DonÒ€ℒt leave it to the last m…

ArticleLivestock / SheepTuesday 28 January, 2014


Hay and straw for goats

Good hay is the most vital part of any goats diet. It should be available ad lib at all times of the year.…

ArticleLivestock / GoatsWednesday 11 December, 2013


Transporting poultry and introducing new hens

You will need a safe, secure, comfortable means of transporting your new hens to their new home. If you already have hen…

ArticleLivestock / PoultryThursday 8 September, 2011

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