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Moving pets

I'm not too worried about moving sheep and poultry, or even the horses, so long as Smokey has a companion. But I am a little anxious about the dogs and cats. Felix will be fine; he…

DiaryPets / CatsTuesday 16 March, 2010


The inaugural TAS Online Pig Show happens to fall across Christmas and New Year, so as well as a prize class for Best Pig there's a class for Best Winter Pig. …

OnlineshowLivestock / PigsThursday 15 December, 2011


Killer kittens

It's been such a long time since I've posted anything! To be honest, at this time of year there's not much going on - apart from trying to keep warm and dry. Harry and Bertie have…

DiaryPets / CatsSunday 29 November, 2009


Flower Show / Cheese / Lambs

Monday 13 August Wet today, but not cold. Cleaned out the upright freezer – bit of a bonus for the pigs as there was quite a lot of fruit that we clearly were never going…

DiarySmallholding / SmallholdingMonday 20 August, 2018


Cassius gets his medicationCassius gets his medication

There are all sorts of urban myths and jokes about how difficult it is to get cats to take medication. Our Cassius hasn't read any of these.…

VideoTuesday 12 July, 2011


Free range Hubbards

Our Hubbards are now six weeks old and changing on to grower pellets. They are now also in the big run. We moved them yesterday and this morning, they made themselves a little…

DiaryLivestock / PoultryTuesday 9 August, 2011



Today we said "goodbye" to our wee tortie cat, Copper. At close to her 18th birthday, she'd had a good long life and she was so poorly that the decision wasn't…

DiaryPets / CatsThursday 15 March, 2007


To celebrate the festive season we're inviting you to submit photos from around your smallholding that reflect the time of year. …

OnlineshowSmallholding / SmallholdingWednesday 19 December, 2012


Meg's rat tail

Our Collies will both be eight this year, so when Meg started sleeping a bit more, we put it down to middle age. Given her normal high energy hyperactivity, it was a bit of a…

DiaryPets / DogsSunday 3 February, 2008


Clostridial disease in cattle

I do love a day when I learn something new, even when I'd amazed that I didn't know it before. I was reading the NADIS site two nights ago, as you do, and looking at the page…

DiaryLivestock / CattleFriday 9 January, 2015

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