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Broody hen update 3

Our broody hen and her small family seem to be fine. The weather here was overcast and cool this morning, but at about 10am, the cloud cleared and it is now a lovely warm,…

DiaryLivestock / PoultryMonday 14 July, 2008


Practical Cattle Farming by Kat Bazeley

"Practical Cattle Farming" is written by two experienced, practising veterinarians, and covers the essential elements of beef and dairy cattle farming and the latest…

BookLivestock / CattleMonday 31 March, 2014


Wormery on a budget

We compost extensively, with everything which can be composted ending up in one of our 5 bins. Even at that though there are times of the year when we struggle to find room for…

DiarySmallholding / CompostingSaturday 10 January, 2004


God bless Louise at Ketchum Eartags

As per previous post, ma heid is nippin'. Ordering the eartags for this year's lambs was easy. Then I decided that I should at least HAVE tags for all the older…

DiaryLivestock / SheepWednesday 4 May, 2011


Amaretti biscuits / Snowy Rocky Road / Thomas the Tank

Sorry no photos. Promise to do better next week. Monday 29th November Brrr, cold this morning but clear and still. Clouded over midday. The cows are now in. There’s…

DiarySmallholding / SmallholdingMonday 6 December, 2021


Best laid plans etc etc

Before the arrival of the Animal Health officer this morning, I had planned to go and pick up straw from a neighbouring farm. I need it for bedding the calves and for the…

DiarySmallholding / SmallholdingFriday 14 January, 2011


Flower Show / Cheese / Lambs

Monday 13 August Wet today, but not cold. Cleaned out the upright freezer – bit of a bonus for the pigs as there was quite a lot of fruit that we clearly were never going…

DiarySmallholding / SmallholdingMonday 20 August, 2018


Country Smallholding Magazine

Country Smallholding Magazine contains information on all aspects of owning a smallholding. It features articles on such topics as hobby farming, poultry and organic gardening.…

MagazineSmallholding / SmallholdingFriday 7 October, 2011


Introduction to Smallholding Course notes

Notes for attendees of our Introduction to smallholding course…

PageWednesday 7 December, 2011


Warm work

It's a lovely day here so we've been working outside. At thsi time of year, it seems that tidying and cleaning are the order of the day - and that suits me fine. While Dan was…

DiaryWorking animals / EquinesSaturday 22 September, 2007

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