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Lice are flat, straw-yellow coloured external parasites that feed from skin and feather debris. They irritate your chick…

ArticleLivestock / PoultryWednesday 20 February, 2013


Scaly Leg Mites

Older chickens tend to suffer with scaly leg mites more often than young birds. This mite burrows deep underneath the sc…

ArticleLivestock / PoultryWednesday 20 February, 2013


Pigs, Poultry and Poo: An Urbanite Couple's Journey to Country Life by Jason Gibbs

Although there's no established definition of smallholding, we think it's an enterprise that involves keeping livestock as well as growing foodstuff.…

BookSmallholding / SmallholdingMonday 28 January, 2013


Showing poultry

Showing poultry is a fascinating hobby for many. Each breed will have a standard against which all birds are compared.…

ArticleLivestock / PoultrySaturday 10 September, 2011


Worming Pigs

If you are going to keep pigs on the same land all year or are going to breed pigs, you will need to address the issue o…

ArticleLivestock / PigsTuesday 30 August, 2011


Sunburn and Heatstroke in Pigs

Light coated pigs in particular can suffer from sunburn and all pigs can suffer, and die, from heatstroke. …

ArticleLivestock / PigsTuesday 30 August, 2011


Flukicides and milking cows

I wrote this for the Shetland Cattle Breeders' Association newsletter but I thought I'd share it here too. I thought it might be helpful to flag up the issue of flukicides and…

DiaryLivestock / CattleSunday 3 January, 2016


Cleaning poultry housing

Keeping your poultry housing clean is essential for the health, welfare and productivity of your flock.…

ArticleLivestock / PoultryThursday 8 September, 2011


Slaughtering Pigs

If you're keeping pigs for their meat, the day will inevitably arrive when your pigs have to be slaughtered. Although th…

ArticleLivestock / PigsSunday 4 September, 2011


Transporting, moving and handling pigs

Whenever you move livestock you need safe, clean and reliable transport.…

ArticleLivestock / PigsTuesday 30 August, 2011

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