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Lice are flat, straw-yellow coloured external parasites that feed from skin and feather debris. They irritate your chick…

ArticleLivestock / PoultryWednesday 20 February, 2013


Free Chicken Behaviour Course (Online)

This course will explain the general principles of chicken behaviour and welfare, and the behavioural and physiological indicators that can be used to assess welfare in chickens…

EventLivestock / PoultryFriday 3 April, 2015


Online Show Guide

How our online shows work at TAS - the rules, how to enter, how online shows are judged, prizes, entry fees and everythi…

PageMonday 5 December, 2011


Scaly Leg Mites

Older chickens tend to suffer with scaly leg mites more often than young birds. This mite burrows deep underneath the sc…

ArticleLivestock / PoultryWednesday 20 February, 2013


Cats on the smallholding

On the smallholding, cats are a useful method of rodent control and, as such, their running costs are tax deductable.…

ArticleSmallholding / SmallholdingSaturday 10 September, 2011



Orf is caused by a type of virus that enters the skin, either from the soil or from infected animals, through cuts and a…

ArticleLivestock / SheepMonday 18 March, 2013


Flukicides and milking cows

I wrote this for the Shetland Cattle Breeders' Association newsletter but I thought I'd share it here too. I thought it might be helpful to flag up the issue of flukicides and…

DiaryLivestock / CattleSunday 3 January, 2016


Carcase and waste disposal

The Animal By-products Regulations 2003 require that bird carcases and by-products (including blood and feathers) be leg…

ArticleLivestock / PoultrySaturday 10 September, 2011


Principles of curing

In general terms to cure something means to preserve it in some way. Usually this is with salt, sugar, nitrates and nitr…

ArticleFood & Craft / Food processingSunday 11 September, 2011


Chick No3

Sorry, but you might get bored with the minute by minute updates but bear with me until the novelty wears off. Once you see the pics, you'll be as hooked as me. Chick 3 is now…

DiaryLivestock / PoultryWednesday 25 April, 2007

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